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Last night, there was a shuffling of the leaders, sort of. I mean, it stayed mostly the same, but they need to make it sound more exciting. Wow, I was just watching the credits, and they showed Belinda Carlisle and I thought, "Wasn't Priscilla Presley on last season?" That's not flattering. But tonight, one couple will go home, and we'll find out LIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!

We're starting right off with the reprise again, but we don't get to hear Len say why they chose it. This would be especially interesting, because the couple who will be dancing again is Lil' Kim and Derek, and Len didn't really like their routine. Anyway, it's as good as last night, except that Derek doesn't have the pompadour, which I find distracting. His hair is all over the place. I do see Len's criticism that there isn't much jive in this jive, though. Kim doesn't mess up in the middle like she did last night, but I think that the segment where Derek spins her around the floor and then she spins him around the floor was ill-conceived, because it takes up too much time and sort of throws them off the beat. And it's also not very jive-like and doesn't add much to the routine. But they do the routine well, although I'd still like to hear Len's rationale for choosing this one for the reprise.

Before we can get along to more dancing and performing and elimination, it's time to recap what happened last night. Ty vows that no one will break their spirit, even if their scores were pretty low. Steve-O took a drubbing from the judges in both comments and scores. He doesn't understand how he can get a lower score for doing the routine correctly than he did when he totally forgot his steps. I kind of understand what he's saying, but I also think the bar is higher the further we go, and that the judges have higher expectations of him when he's healthy than when he's injured. Chuck and Julianne got good comments from Bruno and Carrie Ann but Len thought it was too raunchy. Chuck and Julianne joke about how it's weird that Bruno likes Chuck being raunchy. Because he's a dude! And he shouldn't be looking at Chuck that way! I keep wanting to assume Chuck's whole "I'm a man!" thing is just poorly chosen wording on his part, but when he keeps saying it every week, it gets more difficult to defend.

LT and Edyta got praise from the judges and their highest score to date. LT is happy for once. Bruno liked the naughty-but-nice nature of Shawn's rumba, and afterwards, Mark tells her it was all about the eyes. Gilles didn't score as high as he has previously, but still did really well. Gilles had a lot of fun with that routine. Melissa's rumba was scored to a horrible version of Beyonce's "If I Were a Boy," but she got told that she's a great dancer. After screwing up last week, Melissa is happy that she performed so well and didn't mess up the steps. And finally, Lil Kim's jive fired up the ballroom and made Carrie Ann's bracelet go flying into the audience. And apparently Kim had a near wardrobe malfunction that got edited out for the West Coast feed, and I totally missed it. I need to start looking at boobs more closely.

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