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Melissa and Tony are up next. Man, they aren't saving the big ones for the end like usual, are they? This week, they have the paso doble. Melissa and Tony have a hard time in rehearsals keeping straight faces. Melissa can't get into the character until she gets mad at herself for screwing up, and Tony asks her to keep that tension. So on to their routine. I'm shocked that Tony is wearing a shirt under his vest. This doesn't look much like a paso to me. There's a ton of stuff in hold, which seems unusual. It's making me miss Maks and Mel's paso to "Free Your Mind." Melissa looks more like a belly dancer than a Spanish dancer. I don't know. There's something off about the whole thing. Maybe I'm the one that's off, since I've felt that way with every routine so far. I just don't buy Melissa as a serious intense person.

Len thought she did a good job keeping up the intensity, but she made a few mistakes and wasn't quite aggressive enough. Bruno thought she went for it in a difficult routine, even though she made mistakes. Carrie Ann thought she was in a higher level, but she just couldn't get her feet under her. The audience boos really loudly, and Carrie Ann points out that Melissa is agreeing with her, so they should shut it. Seriously. This isn't American Idol, people. Backstage, Samantha asks Melissa how it felt to screw up. What a dumb question. Uh, it felt great! Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 8 and Bruno 9. That's a weirdly high score given the amount of criticism, and Melissa and Tony are surprised.

DAG and Kim got middling remarks and scores for their Lindy Hop last week. DAG jokes that they need to bribe the judges in order to move out of the middle of the pack. DAG wants to be flawless and works hard to get there. He and Kim seem to be getting along really well, and I'm not sure that was true in the beginning of the season. He's taking it seriously. Anyway, how is their Viennese waltz? Kim has these big feathery fans in her hands that are really distracting to me at the beginning, but thankfully she drops them pretty quickly. They dance to "I Put a Spell on You" which doesn't seem like it's in waltz time to me, and Kim and DAG seem to be rushing to keep up. They do a good job of keeping the sultry mood up throughout, but... it just doesn't seem like a waltz. I like DAG, though, so I hope that means the judges think it was awesome.

Bruno thought the spell worked at times, but some moves weren't great. When they kept it classic, it worked for Bruno, but otherwise not. Carrie Ann thinks DAG must be frustrated, because he moves well but doesn't get the high scores. She thinks DAG and Kym aren't working well together, and that's the disconnect. Len liked the story of the whole thing, and recognizes that it was difficult. Backstage, DAG admits that he has really gotten sucked into the competition more than he thought he would. Scores: Carrie Ann 7, Len 8 and Bruno 7.

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