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Last week, LT and Edyta did the Argentine tango, and the judges thought he looked uncomfortable. LT admits that he couldn't get into their music. Edyta tries to teach LT that paso doble, but he has a hard time getting into a dance when he can't kind of boogie to it. Edyta tells him to bring the same intensity that he brought to the football field, and LT is able to get into it a little more. Their routine begins, and for such a powerful guy, LT is not looking all that powerful or confident. It's weird, because usually the big, strong guys like Jason Taylor do really well with this routine; it's often the favorite of the athletes. But LT doesn't seem to be really getting the flavor. At least he's not riding a unicycle. I agree with him that he's better in routines where he can shake his groove thang. He looks disappointed when the song ends.

Bruno thought LT started off very stiff ("like a block of granite") but then got his feet moving and improved. Carrie Ann thinks LT displays a limited range of motion, but he does well, and he worked well with a difficult piece of music. Len thought LT brought the intensity, but he needs to work on his dance quality. Len thinks it was the best dance so far. Seriously? Are we watching the same show? I'm very confused. Backstage, LT says something about lap dances. I don't know. Scores: Carrie Ann 6, Len 7 and Bruno 7. Apparently Carrie Ann is the hardass this week.

Last week, Mark may or may not have popped a boner while doing the Lindy Hop with Shawn. Hey, you don't believe me? Do a Google image search and see the evidence for yourself. Anyway, the judges wanted Shawn to do more dancing and less gymnastics. Mark works with her in rehearsals and compares her to Kristi, which seems unfair. I think you use a lot more grace in ice-skating than gymnastics. Shawn vows to move back up to the top of the heap instead of being in the middle of the pack. They begin their Viennese waltz. Their routine is very fluid and pretty and age-appropriate for Shawn. It sort of looks like senior prom, if the people at your senior prom were REALLY good dancers with choreography. The weird thing is, it looks to me like MARK screws up in the beginning, but maybe he was covering for her. Nothing big -- the footwork just seemed a little weird at first.

You know what I kind of don't dig? That fact that it seems like lately we can hear Tom giving his opinion on the routine before the judges start talking. Tom's not a judge and if he wants to give them props, he should do it privately. Carrie Ann thought it was a great routine, and even offers to pretend like it wasn't a lift when Mark carried Shawn off the floor at the end. Len thought the tone was great but some of the technique was missing. Bruno loved it, but he advises Shawn to keep her shoulders down. Scores: Carrie Ann 9, Len 8 and Bruno 9. Samantha asks Shawn why she was frustrated in rehearsals this week. Shawn babbles some nonsense that shows she might have been home schooled a little too long, because grammar is not her friend.

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