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Last week was the double elimination, and we finally got rid of Woz. Tonight, the couples will be performing either the paso doble or the Viennese waltz, and it will all be happening LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!

The show must be running short tonight, because the introduction of the couples seems to take forever. Do you think Chuck is mad that Julianne just started being a country singer, like, last week, and she won an ACM award last night, but he's never won one? It just seems like it would be hard to be in a relationship where you're both in the same industry, unless you're both already established so there's less competition. Maybe I'm overthinking it.

Chuck and Julianne are up first. Last week, with the Lindy Hop, the judges thought he wasn't pushing it quite enough. This week, they are doing the Viennese waltz, and Julianne explains that they need to bring out the emotion. Chuck wants to be on the top instead of always being in the middle of the pack. As they rehearse, Chuck starts making fun of the exaggerated movements and Julianne tells him that in that moment, he actually did the best he's done. As their routine begins, Chuck seems like he's either slightly ahead or slightly behind the beat, and Julianne is trying like hell to keep him on track, so it ends up looking like they are fighting each other in hold, when it should be more smooth and polished. Chuck's arm movements are much sharper and bigger, which is good, but the whole thing feels kind of awkward, and I think it's because he's rushing the steps and she's trying to hold him back. Also, it ends with him kneeling in front of her like he's about to propose, which is kind of weird, because at first I thought he was actually going to propose, and then I realized it was part of the choreography. But she did the choreography, so she choreographed that awkward moment. The whole thing can be summed up in one word: awkward. I'm really disappointed in Julianne this season. She was formerly one of my favorites, and she just doesn't seem to have her heart in it anymore.

But what did the judges think? Len thinks that Chuck has come out of hibernation, which leads Chuck to do an ass-slapping dance move. Gah. He's falling down in my estimation every week. Bruno tells him he's become more assertive as a performer, but needs to keep his confidence up throughout. Carrie Ann disagrees with the two male judges, because she didn't think it was that great. [Carrie Ann's hair is enormous! -- Angel] Yeah, I feel like I watched a totally different routine than Len and Bruno. Backstage, Samantha brings up the bended-knee issue and Chuck totally blows her off. Scores: Carrie Ann 7, Len 8 and Bruno 8.

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