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Last night, the judges actually delivered some criticism and the audience booed like the judges just insulted their mothers or something. Tom delivers an interesting factoid: only one of the remaining couples has been in the bottom before tonight. That says to me that the wheat is being separated from the chaff, and the losers have been jettisoned.

The episode starts right off with an encore from Lil Kim and Derek, but Len doesn't even get to introduce it, which feels weird. I think it's amazing that Kim is able to look so lyrical and flowy when she does not have the body type for it. I mean, Stacy Keibler could have beautiful lines if she were raising her hand in a classroom, but Kim is short, and as such has short arms and legs, but she still manages to really extend them and make it look good.

Anyway, after that weirdo opening, Tom and Samantha try to start the episode, but Kim and Derek are still standing on the dance floor behind them doing twirls and waving to the audience and it's all very distracting. I don't like it. Poor shot setup by the producers - they should have had Tom and Samantha standing somewhere so that you couldn't see the dance floor behind them, assuming Kim and Derek have to stay on the floor for whatever scheduling reason.

So what happened last night? Oh, you didn't watch? Luckily, there's a weecap detailing all the happenings only a click away. Rather than rehash that mess, I'll just fill you in on any new information given out in this segment. Steve-O is in good spirits in the confessional, considering he got the lowest score of the evening. The fact that LT and Edyta have zero chemistry is their biggest problem, in my opinion. Ty has a laugh over being accused of being robotic. If he by some miracle got to do a freestyle, I'm sure he would incorporate the robot. DAG feels like a stepchild or an old wet food stamp. At least that's what I think he said. Chuck is pleased with his higher scores. And that's it, because he's dull. Melissa got her heel caught in her dress and she ripped it. Wow, I totally missed that. Good cover. My esteemed editor Angel totally called it that Melissa was looking very Bollywood last night. Derek and Kim got tons of compliments from the judges. Shawn apologizes to Mark for being less than perfect. Gilles almost earned another perfect score, if not for Len the grump. Various couples discuss how they don't want to be in the dance-off, but if called, they will serve.

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