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Tom claims that they've never had a cast like this. Is that a good thing? But tomorrow night, there will be a double elimination, and based on the rehearsal footage montage they just showed (which featured just about everyone falling down in painful ways), it could be anyone. And it's all happening LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!

Samantha and Tom welcome us to the show. I think a bitter tech turned Samantha's mike down because you can barely hear her. Note that I am not complaining. The stars and their partners enter down the stairways. I always like this first opportunity to check out the clothing choices. I'm kind of concerned about Chuck and Julianne's soda jerk outfits, not to mention Mark and Shawn's sweatsuits. I would be a million dollars that they will rip them off to reveal other costumes beneath them. I kind of hate creative costumes. I feel like your dancing should be good enough that you don't need that to make an impression. Plus, I don't trust Mark not to be a total cheeseball, because he is Corky's son.

There are two new dances tonight, the Argentine tango and the Lindy Hop. I keep wanting to type the Lindsay Hop, but that involves Samantha Ronson, so let's not go there. Len explains the difference between the Argentine tango and the tango we've seen in other seasons; in the Argentine tango allows more flexibility in hold instead of having to stay with the same hold the whole routine. The Lindy Hop is like the jitterbug, and it involves kicks, lifts, and throws. Carrie Ann makes sure to clarify that she's okay with the lifts, so they must have gotten a dispensation.

DAG and Kym are opening up the show. DAG is coming off a stronger routine last week with his foxtrot, but this week they have the Lindy Hop. Kym explains that it's all about charisma and energy, and should be cartoonish. During rehearsal, DAG struggles with the lifts, so he asks Kym to show him better examples. They go to a club and watch other dancers perform the routines, and it inspires DAG to sing a little song. So their routine begins to the American Bandstand theme song. I am exhausted just watching them. I mean, they barely stop bouncing and kicking to do the tricks. They definitely keep up the energy and they don't screw up any of the lifts or throws, but DAG needs to learn to point his toes and watch his foot placement on his kicks, because it is ragged. Also, it doesn't seem to flow; it's like they do a trick and then a segment of kicks and hops, and then pause, and then another trick. It's not smooth.

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