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Double Trouble

Tom opens by reminding us that there is a double elimination tonight. And I'm not getting my hopes up that Woz will be one of the ones leaving, because I don't like to set myself up for failure. Last night, Gilles and Cheryl got the season's first perfect score, and it was well-deserved. So who will be going home (and going home) tonight? We'll find out LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE! I feel like Tom's signature line was a little unenthused tonight. Maybe he knows Woz is staying.

Tom and Samantha open the show and Samantha can still barely talk. Yay! Tom gives the stat that eighteen points separated the top and bottom last night. As we review the performances, there is (as usual) some new interview footage. Chuck and Julianne want higher scores. LT doesn't know how to get higher scores. Dance better? I do want to apologize for my comments about DAG and Melissa's kicks last night; one of the forum posters set me straight that, in the Lindy Hop, you are not supposed to flick your foot when you kick. I don't know what Tony was doing with the toilet paper thing in rehearsal then, and I think the non-flicking looks weird, but if that's what the dance requires, then so be it. Mea culpa. Steve-O is proud that he overcame his stress, even though he recognizes that he's not a great dancer. The judges "hated" Woz again when they pointed out his horrible dancing. Holly apologizes to the audience for forgetting her whole routine. Shawn is happy that she got a standing ovation even if the judges didn't give her great scores. Ty is humble about Carrie Ann calling him a dancer. Lil Kim was thrilled to get the first ten of the season. Melissa was thrilled with her scores as well. Cheryl compliments her partner for her chemistry and he gives her a big old kiss on the side of the head. You can bet rumors will be swirling now. He's European! They kiss people! Relax.

Hey! We get an encore! Len is wearing a supremely ugly canary yellow shirt with a white collar. It's horrible. Anyway, he asks to see Gilles and Cheryl's routine again. Hot damn. It is smoldering. And their footwork is just as intricate and amazing as it was last night. That might be one of my favorite all-time routines.

After recapping the scores from last night, Tom tells us that there is no dance-off tonight. Between that and Samantha not being able to talk, this is the best results show ever. Tom is going to reveal two safe couples and one in the bottom three. The first safe couple is... Gilles and Cheryl. I'm glad they got that out of the way. The second safe couple is... LT and Edyta. Well, that's kind of surprising. The first couple in the bottom three is... Holly and Dmitry. They aren't surprised. Holly knows she screwed up and she was in the dance-off last week.

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