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So their routine finally starts and thankfully, they ditch the coveralls and masks early on. Shawn struggles a little to get out of hers, but manages in time. The rest of the routine is wonderful -- high energy but not overly hip hop. I find that on this show, when people try to do hip hop routines, they end up too stiff and derivative. This one is almost like a jive in terms of energy and style, with a few stunts thrown in, but nothing too crazy. Some of the moves, I seriously am not sure how they are physically possible. I'm annoyed by Mark's continued penchant for highwater pants and white socks, but whatever. Shawn didn't miss a beat. It's not the greatest freestyle I've ever seen, but it's very good. One styling note: Shawn should not ever wear high-waisted pants. As a fellow short girl with a short waist, I'd love her to learn that lesson now, because it took me until about 1994 to figure that one out, and there were a lot of paper bag waists and tight-rolled jeans in between.

Judges? Bruno yells out that Shawn is going for gold, and he couldn't believe that they stayed in sync despite the difficulty and intricacy of their tricks. Carrie Ann compliments her on being youthful, energetic, and precise. Len says that he loved the jive elements, and the precision, and he just loved it. Mark dramatically falls the floor in mock-shock, and then Shawn and Mark have to hug all of the judges as the audience continues to go nuts. Tom tries to fill in but realizes no one is listening and just throws it to Samantha. Backstage, Samantha asks Shawn to tell everyone why she wants to win so much. Shawn says that this is her new gold medal, and she had to overcome a lot of fears. Scores: Carrie Ann 10, Len 10, and Bruno 10. Bruno actually yells out 11.

Tom reminds us that Melissa stepped into the show with only two days notice, and has been quite successful. Except for last week when she ended up in third place. Melissa tells us she's not too worried because the audience can determine who stays or leaves. Tony reminds everyone that he was in the season two finals with Stacy Keibler and the judges were disappointed in his disco freestyle. I was disappointed with that whole season; I thought Stacy was much more talented than Tony's choreography showed. It was a simpler time though; I don't know how she would do on this season. Anyway, the lesson that Tony learned is that he needs to take some risks, and on this show, that means stunts. They practice a bunch of tricks that involve Melissa flying around in the air. I hope her ribs are okay! They kind of haven't mentioned that injury since she had to sit out a week, although rumor has it that she had a bad reaction to some medication more than that she was in pain from her injury. Speaking of injuries, Melissa accidentally clocks Tony in the eyeball and gives him quite a shiner. Yeesh.

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