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The paso doble begins to "So What" by Pink. Interesting choice. And by interesting, I mean weird. I would expect a more aggressive song for this one. Anyway, the group segment is very short and then Shawn and Mark take the floor for their solo. It's okay. I think Shawn is at a disadvantage here in that aggressive, serious dances are her weak point and Gilles's strength. Man, now I'm hatching the conspiracy theories. Anyway, I see a few stumbles with the footwork and I'm not crazy about the choreography, although I acknowledge that it must be really tough to do a true paso doble but also make it different enough from the others that it really stands out. Melissa and Tony do their solo next. Melissa's costume enhances the drama because her long coat is black with a red lining, so every time she does a high kick (which is often), her coat swirls out dramatically. It helps, because I'm still not getting the intensity from her posture that Carrie Ann was talking about. Some of the transitions in and out of stunts seem a bit stiff. Finally, Gilles and Cheryl come out for their solo. It is the best of the three. Gilles's movements are so sharp and so on target, and you can't beat his intensity. I like the choreography best too; it's dramatic without being showy. It's tough to build the story of a paso in only a few minutes, and I don't think any of them did that successfully. All three couples finish the routine together, and it's very impressive. I do think this is the best final the show has ever had. No doubt. They get a well-deserved standing ovation and take a bow together.

Tom calls them all over the judges' scores. Len starts by pointing out that it's difficult to do a traditional paso to contemporary music, but they did well. He tells Shawn that her routine was much more exciting than her previous paso. To Melissa, he says that her routine was "riddled with problems" just like her last one, and she nods nervously. Man, I totally missed all the problems. Hey, producers -- here's an idea for free for next season. Either on the show or even on the website, have Len and/or the other judges go through some of the routines with a telestrator and point out the problems. A bad arm movement here, a missed heel lead there. I would find that fascinating. Len concludes by telling Gilles that his routine wasn't hectic this time.

Next up is Bruno, who compliments them on working so well together when they are competing against one another. He tells Shawn that she was strong with great technique, and she turned into a serial killer like Dexter. I'm sure ABC will be sending Bruno a note to make sure he uses a Disney-owned show for his next analogy; Showtime is owned by CBS. Bruno tells Melissa that she looked beautiful and acted like a drama queen. He didn't say anything about her dancing, though. He concludes by telling Gilles that he is a leading man. So no real critique or even comment on the actual dancing, other than telling Shawn that she had good technique.

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