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Bruno visits Shawn first. I actually find this segment interesting, and you know how I usually hate filler. I'm interested to see the judges who are not Len in action on the dance floor. We hear their criticism every week, but we don't get to see their dancing chops, or lack thereof. So Bruno tells Shawn that her paso is fresh in people's minds, and she needs to do something surprising on the floor to overcome her competition. He demonstrates the type of drama and extension she needs, and his form is really good! Shawn promises Bruno that she'll kill it.

Next, Carrie Ann goes to see Melissa. She gets right into it and tells Melissa that she needs to travel the floor with intention and aggression instead of just sort of floating gracefully from one move to the next. Carrie Ann comments that Melissa tends to fall back on her ballet and cheerleading training, which isn't always useful. Carrie Ann stands in front of Melissa and makes her walk into her to demonstrate how Melissa needs to project that "move out of my way" attitude. Melissa totally knocks her too. Carrie Ann goes in for the high five and Melissa totally leaves her hanging. Oops. I wonder if that's a point deduction.

Finally, Len goes to see Gilles, reminding him that the other two judges gave Gilles a 10 on his paso, and Len was the sole 9. So no pressure there. Len reminds them that he thought their paso was a bit hectic, although we don't see him give any specifics about how to make it less so. I guess that's Cheryl's job. Len makes Gilles mirror him as they practice, and Len is all up in Gilles's face grunting, "Yes, please. Give it to me, sunshine!" I wish I were making that up. Please let that clip be on The Soup this week. Len points out the obvious -- that people will have very high expectations of Gilles, and it will be tough to overcome them. Len bids them goodbye, noting that he's sweating, and he never thought that would happen again in a dance studio.

After the judges' visits, all three couples head to the group rehearsal. Melissa explains that this routine will differ from the other group dances because while they'll be dancing together, and they want the dance to look good overall, they'll also each have a solo and they'll really be judged on that. As each couple rehearses, the other two stare daggers at them, analyzing every move. Wasn't there a couple last season that refused to actually rehearse their solo so as not to give anything away? If only there were a site with recaps of each episode... oh, yeah. So it was Lance and Lacey. I can't believe they were even in the finals. Anyway.

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