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Tom reveals that Julianne will be back for tomorrow night's results show. But first we have to see Brooke and Derek's mambo. Derek starts out with his back to the audience and he's totally rubbing his buttocks. What is happening? He does a series of moves and then throws it to Brooke, who's in front of the judges' table. She does some fancy footwork (and hip work), which is great, except that the judges can't see her feet. The best part is watching Bruno's overly dramatic reactions. I guess this is Brooke's solo? Because the rest of the routine is pretty much done in hold. There are some cute moves where they pretend like one or the other of them is tripping and being caught -- at least it differentiates them from the other mambo dancers tonight. I thought Brooke's legs looked extra skinny tonight. I don't know if it was due to her poufy skirt or what, but they were kind of creeping me out.

The crowd gives them a standing ovation but it doesn't seem as enthusiastic as Warren's was. Len thought it was ambitious, but he couldn't see Brooke's feet in the beginning. Overall, he thought it was fantastic. Bruno thought it was exuberant and then pretends like he's into chicks for a while. Didn't we establish last week that he loves feather boas? Carrie Ann loved it, but thought Brooke's posture wasn't great at times. Hey! Dr. Drew's going to be on tomorrow night. I freaking love Dr. Drew. Both for his mind and his silver fox body. Anyway, scores: Carrie Ann 9, Len 9, and Bruno 9.

Maurice and Cheryl's paso doble is up next. Maurice's posture starts out great, although it's sort of disconcerting to see him so serious instead of smiling big. He and Cheryl do some work with a cape and then Cheryl retreats so that Maurice can do some twirling of the cape for his solo bit. Again, not dancing. It looks cool, but it's not dancing. Also, Maurice's solo turns are really stiff. When he and Cheryl finally get back in hold, he does really well, but he seems to confuse straight posture with stiff posture. The audience loved it though, so what do I know?

Bruno loved the cape twirling, and thought Maurice was strong, imposing, and powerful. Carrie Ann loved his focus and intensity, and offers some challenges for next week. Len doesn't always love the cape work, but he thought it was a good use of the fifteen seconds, and Maurice really attacked it. Backstage, Samantha asks if Maurice's success in the group dance last week helped him out, and Maurice agrees that it did. Samantha asks the most leading questions ever: "Cheryl, do you feel that his champion's mentality..." Like she's going to say no. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 8, and Bruno 8. I thought that was a few points underscored, actually.

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