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Their tango is up first. They start out very far apart on the floor for a tango. Warren's footwork is great as always, but he's looking down too much for a tango. I feel like his chin should be up more. There's some neat footwork in the choreography though, and I don't know that Kym has been able to show off her choreography skills like this before. There's one dodgy bit in the corner where it actually looks like Kym messes up, although it certainly could be that she was just trying to cover for Warren's mistake as well. The crowd freaking loves Warren.Bruno thinks Warren is back, and he does a mean tango. Carrie Ann compliments Warren's sparkly jacket, and loves how he connects with the audience. Len thinks Warren was fantastic, although he didn't like the rise and fall in parts. Tom chuckles that Len can't just give a straight compliment, and Len says he's just trying to help them improve.

Scores: Carrie Ann 10, Len 9, and Bruno 9. Warren is thrilled that he got a 10. Samantha asks about how the team dance saved them last week. Warren says that he definitely felt like he had something to prove. Warren also promises some craziness during his fifteen seconds of solo.

So now we start the Latin round. I'm most excited about this because it means no boring clip packages before we get to the dancing. Cody and Edyta are up first with the mambo. They do a lot of the routine up on the platform. Are they going to come down to the floor? Oh, they finally do. Cody gets a little ahead of the routine when he's out of hold. There's also another near lift. Cody does something that's not really dancing for his solo portion. He does a one-armed pushup and then a back somersault and then... some pelvic thrusts? Not really dancing. He finishes by leaping up onto the judges' table. Lame.

Carrie Ann gives him an A for effort but thinks that it felt a bit disjointed. Len thinks Cody did two good dances tonight, even if this one felt a little angular. Bruno thinks it was a bit spasmodic at times and even demonstrates. I want an animated gif of Bruno demonstrating that, please. Bruno appreciates that Cody always gives it his all. Backstage, Samantha forces Cody to brag about his success with the ladies and also discuss his sexual fantasies about half-naked women. GROSS! Cody drops the news that Julianne is coming back next week, and Edyta is gracious enough to say that everyone needs to vote for Cody so Julianne can come back. I know I make fun of her legwarmers, but she seems really sweet. She even says that Cody is her youngest friend! Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 8, and Bruno 8.

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