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Their quickstep is up first. Maurice's footwork looks pretty good in the first pass. I'm not crazy about their second run around the floor because it looks just like running with no actual dance steps. Something goes flying off Cheryl's dress at one point, or her hair, or her earrings. They end with a really poor cartwheel by Cheryl. Bad idea, Cheryl.

Carrie Ann liked his posture and his head angles showed much improvement. Len says that Maurice flew around the floor, and he had great footwork. Bruno thought that Maurice kept his posture and energy throughout the routine instead of deflating halfway through. Knowing that's a problem, Cheryl should put something near the end of the choreography that Maurice loves to do to keep his energy up. No?

Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 8, and Bruno 8. Backstage, Samantha asks Maurice if he thought he'd have an advantage in the running parts of the quickstep. Maurice points out that it's very different than running in a straight line on the track. Thanks for making him point out the obvious, Samantha.

Lance and Lacey faced Len's wrath last week when he danced barefoot. This week, they have to do the samba and the foxtrot. Lance encourages Lacey to press him really hard to improve his technique. Lance announces that, at the beginning of the semester, they were just trying to stand out with their gimmicks, but now they've realized that they need to focus more on technique.

Lance and Lacey start their foxtrot in a really un-foxtrot like way. It almost starts like a quickstep but then morphs into a foxtrot. I think Lacey sticks her butt out too much and that's why I think she doesn't look great. When they break out of hold, they're a little out of sync (no pun intended). Lacey's dress is also really ugly. But who cares how much I hate Lacey? What did the judges think?

Len thinks it was an extreme makeover, and while their footwork was "a bit dodgy" in hold, he thought it was great. Bruno enjoyed how they kept their personalities while demonstrating great technique. Carrie Ann calls Lance a "bright light."

Backstage, Samantha compliments Lance on getting compliments from all three judges. Lacey says that Lance's competitive spirit has been ignited now that he has his eyes on the prize. Scores: Carrie Ann 9, Len 8, and Bruno 9. Everyone jokes about how Len's score was still lower after all that.

Last week, Warren's high scores in the team dance helped him out a great deal, since his scores for his foxtrot were terrible. Afterwards, Warren freaks out because he says that it was the first time that he felt upside down on the dance floor. This week, they're working on the jive, which is a lot of movement around the floor for a big guy. And then they have to work on the tango. Warren looks at this like the playoffs, where you only get one shot and you're either in or out.

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