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Last week, Susan finally went home, and now it's actually true that any of the remaining contestants could win. Don't you think? I don't think it's likely that, for example, Maurice is going to take home the trophy, but it seems possible. So who will get injured or screw up tonight? We'll find out LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!

What is up with Samantha's hair? No, seriously. What is up with it? It's like, you know when you're having a bad hair day, and so you think that if you just put it all up in some sort of elaborate French braid, so that no hair is actually visible, it will look better? And then it still looks terrible so you try to slick it down with various products? And eventually you just call it a day because it's either take another shower and start over or move on with your life? It's like that. Except Samantha is on national television so maybe she should have gone with the take another shower option. Tom and Samantha introduce the couples. Cody is still with Edyta, which is not surprising. A lot of people are wearing red this week. Also, hello to Kym's boobs, which have been on the show all season, but are especially prominent this evening. I have this half-assed theory that the skimpier the lady's costume is, the crappier they expect their routine to be. Kym shows more boob to distract us from Warren's screwups. It's just a theory. I haven't actually like, Nate Silver-ed it up and run the statistics or anything.

Samantha explain that each couple will be doing two dances tonight, and during the Latin dance, the celebrity will have to do a fifteen-second solo. Len explains that the judges are really looking forward to it, because the stars will have nowhere to hide.

Cody and Edyta are up first. Last week, Cody fell to the bottom of the leader board with his Viennese Waltz. Plus, he's still getting used to having Edyta as a partner. Cody's friends show up to watch him rehearse. And then they all ogle Edyta. Not sure what the point of that segment was. And it also goes on and on and on. I have to assume that Cody has no personality so this is their substitute for making him interesting.

Their first dance is a fotxtrot. Edyta looks great in a slinky dress with no weird legwarmers or feathers or anything. Cody's movements look pretty good to me, but they're out of sync when they're not in hold. It's tough that he had to do a foxtrot after getting bad marks on the waltz, since the movements are so similar. I will say that they actually move around the floor, instead of using Edyta's typical "strike a pose and have my partner walk around me" style of choreography.

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