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Please Don't Go

Now it's time to find out who else is going to the semifinals. Maurice and Cheryl are in the bottom two. Brooke and Derek are going to the semifinals, so to the surprise of no one, Cody and Edyta are also in jeopardy.

After the break ,we get to find out who's going home FINALLY. And the couple going home is... Maurice and Cheryl. I didn't know who I wanted, but after tonight's episode, I'm happy that Cody is sticking around for at least another week, because I thought he would have a nervous breakdown if he didn't get a chance to dance with Julianne one more time. Maurice says that he loved everything about the experience, and Cheryl says that he was the hardest-working partner she's ever had. Cody looks like he hasn't quite figured out yet that he gets to stick around. Maurice pulls his daughter out of the crowd for a final dance and she is adorable. Nice that for Maurice, the band plays, "Please Don't Go" while they told Susan to "Hit the Road, Jack." You stay classy, band. See you guys next week!

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