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Julianne and Cody are next on the couch. Cody says he has a rollercoaster of emotions. Julianne says that Cody gets frustrated in rehearsals, and he gets distracted. Drew brings up Julianne's surgery. Cody says that he was really worried and he actually cries a little bit, which makes Julianne tear up, too. Cody says that she's amazing and helped him grow as a person. Julianne says that she loves the friendships from the show. They hug. Drew didn't even have to talk to them. They kind of handled it all themselves.

Samantha is backstage with the two safe couples. She asks Warren what he has to do to win, and he says that he has to focus and listen to Kym, his coach. Samantha asks Lance and Lacey about Len's low score for them. Lance says that Len is who he is, and they're through trying to figure him out. That sounds snarky; he actually said it very diplomatically.

Brad Paisley is back to sing another song. Dancing along this time are Maks and Karina, Alec and Edyta, and two other people I've never heard of before. I just noticed that Brad Paisley has a paisley section on his guitar. That's kind of... twee, isn't it? Maks comes out and I think his hair grew a ton since last week. I guess going from nearly bald to short hair is a lot more obvious than going from long hair to slightly longer hair. The synchronization in the pro routines is really amazing. They are all doing the same thing at the exact same time. Tom comes out to thank Brad Paisley and then announces that this year's live tour is going to be choreographed by Maks. Tom asks Maks about his hair, but he doesn't have much to say. Maks says that this year's tour will be a lot more pop, and announces that Lance, Maurice, Marlee and Toni Braxton will be joining them.

Now we go to a clip package to talk about the anatomy of a dancer. This is sort of like all those packages during the Olympics explaining why Michael Phelps is the perfect swimmer. The doctor explains that dancers have very fast foot speed, and they also can spin 180 revolutions per minute while maintaining balance. She kind of goes on and on about their muscles and whatever - everyone is just looking at the footage of half-naked Alec and Edyta they're showing while the doctor talks. The doctor adds that these dancers can't show any effort or strain while performing, unlike most athletes. They can't grunt or groan or anything. They have to slap a smile on their faces and work through it. She concludes that these dancers are true athletes. That could have been a lot more interesting.

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