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Warren and Kym are up next. Warren says that pressure doesn't bother him, because he had a rough childhood. Kym expresses that Warren's schedule is so crazy that they don't get much rehearsal time, and it's only going to get crazier. Warren thinks he can get it down in three focused hours. I think that SOME people can; Mel B was rumored to have really short rehearsals because she's just one of those people who gets choreography really quickly. Drew expresses concern that Warren isn't really facing the amount of pressure he's going to be under soon.

Sad intense music starts up as we move on to Maurice and Cheryl. Whoa. What's going to happen in their session? Drew asks them first if their goal is to win this competition or to have a good time. Cheryl wants both, but Maurice says he's very competitive even if he's out of his comfort zone. Drew reminds Maurice that coaches can be hard on you to get performance. Maurice says that he shuts down and it makes Cheryl frustrated, especially when he doesn't get something after many tries. Drew explains that Maurice needs to get his technique down so that he can let the emotionality out. Wow. I could watch a whole one-hour special just on this.

So now it's time for the dance that the Internet picked. An audience member designed the costumes, and everyone votes on the type of dance and who would perform. And it's the jive! Derek comes out, so he was the male choice, and the song is "Great Balls of Fire." He dances down to a grand piano in the middle of the floor, and then opens it up and out pops... Julianne! Considering that she had surgery like two weeks ago, it's amazing that she's out there at all, but then when you see the actual routine... holy crap! The jive is not exactly the waltz, and because they're the Houghs, they've added all kinds of flips and jumps and kicks and lifts and cartwheels. At one point, Julianne leaps off the piano and Derek catches her. She also carries him around on her shoulders. The amount of energy in this routine is amazing; I'd like to think they were kind of like, "Let's show those stupid Schwimmers how a brother/sister routine is done!" And they do. And they get a standing ovation.

Dr. Drew is going to meet with the remaining competition. Brooke and Derek are up next. Brooke says she's tried to do whatever Derek asks, but they recently got in a fight because Derek got really rude and mean with her. Derek explains that he treats her like a professional sometimes. Brooke can't deal with him insulting and disrespecting her. Drew explains that Brooke needs to be more clear about where her lines are, and when Derek crosses them. Sometimes I forget how young Derek and Julianne and some of the other dancers are, because they are such mature performers.

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