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Samantha is backstage talking to Brooke and Derek, the current leaders. Brooke and Derek are very careful not to say anything bad about Len, even though he gave them a low score. Cody is also standing there with both Julianne and Edyta. Cody manages to say something fairly coherent considering his situation. Julianne compliments Edyta and says it would be really frustrating if he got voted off the week before she was able to come back. Derek can't stop mugging for the camera, even ducking into the shot for a second. Derek is the new Cloris. Except in a bad way, because he should know better. He bugs me. I liked it better when he was new to the show and behaved himself.

Tom announces Brad Paisley is there to perform his song "Ticks" while Lacey and Benji Schwimmer dance. I think they just panned past Papa Schwimmer in the audience. At least that's what I think he looked like from the one time he's been on this show. So then Benji and Lacey come out all countrified, and their dancing is fine, but it seems way too gimmicky, instead of just pure ballroom dancing. They're like the Houghs on Red Bull or something. Whereas the Houghs take ballroom and crank it up a notch, the Houghs take contemporary dancing and add a little ballroom to it. And then there's the incessant mugging for the cameras. Blech.

Hey, you know what I didn't miss at all? The audience reaction to the dances montage. Because they just show nice and bad things about each couple equally so at the end, it's not like you leave thinking, "Oh, the consensus of the audience is..." or whatever. Instead, you're just left thinking, "What a waste of my time."

So which couples are moving on to the semifinals? The first couple moving on is... Warren and Kym. Joining them are... Lance and Lacey. They look surprised. I think everyone thought that Brooke and Derek would be announced next. Cody looks really resigned, like he knows he's going. I don't know that he is! It could be Maurice. You know it's not Brooke and Derek, or they would have been teasing the shocking elimination all night.

And it's time for Dr. Drew. I think Adam Carolla needs to get in touch with his old buddy and turn him on to the idea that maybe pleated-front pants aren't the best look. Don't get me wrong. If you watch Celebrity Rehab (and why don't you?), you know that Dr. Drew is totally selling tickets to the gun show, if you get my drift. He's got a great body for a silver fox. But the pleated pants? Yeesh. Anyway, Drew is here to talk to the couples and resolve any problems. First up are Lance and Lacey. They discuss their recent fight, where Lacey accused Lance of being too negative. Lance says that he gets frustrated with his limitations, but he knows he'll get it in the end. Lacey is surprised to hear that, and Drew counsels her to have a more positive attitude herself, and know that Lance is just blowing off steam with his negativity. Drew announces that Lance and Lacey need to allow each other to have their feelings. Ooh. I like that. Drew is so smart!

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