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Last night, all five remaining competitors had to perform two dances each, which meant a whole lot of dancing. And tonight, one of them will be going home, and we'll find out LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!

Tom and Samantha announce that Brad Paisley will be performing tonight, while Lacey will dance with her brother Benji. And I know you all know by now that I don't watch So You Think You Can Dance, and I kind of resent being forced to watch dancers from that show on this one. I can't believe that FOX doesn't have those dancers on lockdown. Also, tonight will be the dance that people on the website voted for, which should be kind of interesting. Plus, Dr. Drew!

To quote the Chenbot, "but first!" we need to review what happened last night. The judges are at a roundtable to discuss, and they agree it was one of the best two-dance nights in the history of the show. Cody started with a foxtrot. Len thought he beat expectations, and Carrie Ann admires his resilience. Brooke's tango got perfect scores from everyone but Len, who was disappointed by their footwork blunders. Maurice did a quickstep. Carrie Ann admired his vulnerability. Lance's foxtrot had a lot of personality, which won Len over. Warren's tango showed off his charisma and won over Carrie Ann.

On to the Latin round. The judges giggle over Cody's solo in the mambo, which was a little intense. Len wishes that Brooke had done her solo in the middle of the floor instead of on the side. Maurice's paso doble showed his determination, according to Bruno. Len thinks Lance's solo was too boy-band and not enough samba. Bruno refers to Warren as "Mr. Big Fun" and they all giggle over Warren's electric personality.

Samantha jokes that she's happy that the judges don't critique her and Tom, also, and Tom wonders why she thinks the judges don't do that. Why not? I do. Lots of people do! And Tom is awesome and Samantha is terrible. Anyway, Len announces that they would love to see Warren and Kym's tango again, so Warren and Kym come out and dance. Warren's posture is not quite as good as I remember from last night. His footwork might be better, though. I'm kind of interested in the thought process that goes into choosing which couple does the encore dance. It's not highest-scoring, and they obviously try to spread it out a little bit so that it's not the same couple every week. Some of the conspiracy theorists on the forums would argue that the producers use it to push whichever couple they are trying to get into the finals for whatever reasons, which I don't know if I buy.

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