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Brooke and Derek were knocked from the top of the leaderboard last week, so now they're trying to claw their way back up. They decide to regroup and decide to do a great dance. As opposed to other weeks, when they decided to do a mediocre dance? This week, they'll be doing the foxtrot, and Brooke is still dealing with her foot injury. Derek tells Brooke that, at times, he feels like he's dancing with a professional when they dance, which is really very flattering.

Derek skips down the stairs and has to mug for the camera as usual. Derek does a lot of fancy footwork at times, but I'm not seeing the same from Brooke. She does looks graceful, but I'm not wowed. I feel like they've set the bar too high. Maybe the judges were. Carrie Ann says that their front runner has returned, and Brooke is getting as good as some of their professionals. Bruno tells them it was truly fantastic. Bruno thought it was thrilling from start to finish. I must just be tired or something. Backstage, Samantha points out that the judges didn't have anything negative to say. Scores: Carrie Ann 10, Len 10, and Bruno 10. The first perfect score of the season! Derek starts unbuttoning his shirt to get ready for the team dance and the ladies start screaming. Like he didn't totally do that on purpose to get votes. Smart. But calculated.

Tom explains the team concept. Susan and Warren were named team captains. Susan's team includes Susan and Tony, Lance and Lacey, and Cody and Edyta, and they'll be doing the cha cha. Warren's team is Warren and Kym, Maurice and Cheryl, and Brooke and Derek doing the paso doble. Each team gets a score, and that is then added to their individual scores.

Team Cha Cha is up first. Cody thinks their strength is in the performance side, because they are all entertainers instead of athletes. They all worked their solo parts individually and then regrouped for the team dance rehearsal on Saturday. Susan feels like she's a step behind because she was in New York. She doesn't talk about how she was the weak link in the hip hop routine, but we all know she was. Tony kept taking time to work with Susan and everyone else looked annoyed that they didn't get to work on the group parts.

Team Cha Cha begins their routine, and I realize that Susan is the only female non-pro out there. That's got to be rough. The couples get off beat at one point, but they quickly go into Cody and Edyta's solo spot, which looks really good. These two have chemistry, I think. Tony and Susan are next. Susan still looks really stiff. She just doesn't get the concept of hip action. Her footwork is okay. Lance and Lacey come out last. They do great. All of the couples come out. Susan looks lost. The men shake it hard at the end and overall, the whole thing looks pretty awesome, actually. Len thinks that Lance and Lacey saved the day with the solos. Bruno says it was teetering on the brink of disaster until Lance and Lacey saved it. Carrie Ann says that the unison was terrible, which was part of a group number, but she thinks Lance and Lacey did a great job. Well, Lance and Lacey must feel good about themselves, but everyone else must feel like shit. Backstage, Susan says that she didn't get a lot of team time this week. Cody thought they did well given the limited time they had to rehearse together. Scores: Carrie Ann 6, Len 7, and Bruno 7.

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