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Cody had a lot of success with the samba last week, but then had to meet his new partner Edyta. They're doing the Viennese waltz, which requires a lot of chemistry. But first, they went to visit Julianne, who was laid up in bed. She advised Edyta to give Cody a character to play, since that was his strength. Cody dedicates his routine this week to Julianne.

Cody's form when he's not in hold is... not great. Grace is not his strong suit. He's better at the more kinetic routines. When he's in hold, he looks pretty good though. His hand positions are awkward, I think. Of course, Edyta manages to throw in some of her patented yoga poses where she does an entire backbend or whatever. Jeff Ross is in the audience to cheer his ex-partner on. Len thinks they looked comfortable together, but Cody lacked lyricism and musicality. Tom jokes that the people in the red room are speed-dialing Michael Flatley, seeing as how grouchy Len is back this week. Bruno thinks it lacked control and was clumsy. Carrie Ann thought it was great, and the crowd goes nuts, after booing the first two judges. Backstage, Samantha says they've never had a star change partners midway through the season. Cody admits that he was nervous, because Julianne knew him well. But he thinks things are going well. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 7, and Bruno 7. Lots of boos from the audience for that one. Edyta adds that she's proud of Cody. Tom jokes that Cody must be eighteen, because he thinks his six-week relationship with Julianne was "forever."

Lance and Lacey were at the top of the heap last week with their jive. Lacey thinks the rumba is very "earthy, grounded, and freeing," so they rehearsed barefoot. Lance broke his toe last week and has trouble in rehearsal. He keeps complaining about it, and Lacey tells him that she knows he's going to do what he wants anyway. She gets really upset and says that she can't keep him positive anymore. In tears, she tells the cameras that she gets frustrated with his negative attitude. The next day, she apologizes, but I notice that Lance doesn't apologize, even though he was kind of being a jerk too.

So they start their rumba. There's a park bench in the middle of the dance floor. Lacey's kind of wearing a burlap sack, and the barefoot thing isn't really working for me. It seems like it would be way harder to do the dance with no shoes on. Although it does kind of have a Dirty Dancing feeling, like when they're dancing on the log? Over the creek? Lance's form looks good, but this does seem like a pretty Lacey-centric routine. They show Kathy Griffin and Topanga from Boy Meets World ["Who apparently used to date Lance... back before he revealed he was gay." -- Angel] going nuts in the audience. Bruno thinks it was sexy and inspired. Carrie Ann wasn't sure about the barefoot thing, but it totally worked. Len says he didn't get it, because the barefoot thing was a distraction. The shoes help you go on the balls of your feet, and Lance was flat-footed according to Len. He advises Lacey that she's getting better and better and doesn't need all the bullshit. Carrie Ann and Bruno argue with him and Lacey gives a sarcastic, "Welcome back, Len!" Shut up, Lacey. Tom advises Len: "Fiber. Fiber." Bruno dies laughing. Scores: Carrie Ann 9, Len 7, and Bruno 9.

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