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Next up are Tony and Susan. Last week, Susan tried to break out of her shell, and got higher scores. Susan and Tony rehearse and Tony is really hard on her. Susan tells him that she feels like he is upset with her when he gives directions, and they're both getting frustrated. He wants frustration and anger and power, because they're doing the paso doble. Susan keeps criticizing herself and won't even admit that she's doing well. Tony tries to give her a pep talk but she doesn't look like she's buying it.

Susan starts out pretty well, but at times she looks like she's just walking around the dance floor instead of matching Tony's intensity. He spends a lot of the routine throwing her around the floor, which is appropriate for the paso, but it kind of makes it look like he's covering for her lack of dancing. Unlike some paso doble routines that we've seen in past seasons, this one just doesn't have the intensity that it needs. Bruno thinks it was well done with pride and dignity and you kind of can't hear him over the crowd. Carrie Ann makes Susan turn and face the crowd and yell out, "I'm doing good!" She does it, but maybe she's annoyed because it's grammatically incorrect. Len thinks it had passion and drama. They are really hurrying these judge segments so they must be worried about time. Tom explains that the results show will be on Wednesday this week, due to the election results, and Kenny Mayne will be back for DanceCenter! Backstage, Susan says that it felt great to hear that from the judges and crowd. Samantha teases Tony for his fake moustache. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 8, and Bruno 8.

Maurice and Cheryl didn't fare well with the judges last week, and were told they lacked chemistry. They rehearse their cha cha, and Maurice keeps getting frustrated with himself because he doesn't know the steps. Cheryl wants him to practice all out, and if he messes up the steps, she'll help him go over it. During the team dance rehearsal, Maurice hyperextended his leg. Cheryl was concerned about his ability to perform mentally as well as physically.

Maurice starts at the top of the stairs and comes running down to join Cheryl at the top of the steps. His leg seems pretty good! Maurice is doing a great job with the hip action so far. And his attitude is great. He's got all the joy that Warren didn't have. He is shaking and baking all over that dance floor. His posture isn't great, but his charisma kind of makes up for it. Carrie Ann thinks it was great, and that Maurice brought his A game, showing a sense of freedom. Len thought it was bright and sparkly, even if it wasn't quite top quality. He thought it was Maurice's best dance so far. Bruno thinks "happy days are here again for Maurice," and he urges Maurice to trust his instincts. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 9, and Bruno 8. Backstage, Maurice says that it's been a rollercoaster ride this season, but rollercoasters are fun. Cheryl has enjoyed working with the other couples, and working as a team instead of competing with everyone.

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