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Last week, Cloris was eliminated, and the editors get their revenge when they take the shot of Corky swinging Cloris around and make it look like he let Cloris go flying off into the audience. Hmm, maybe those reports of backstage backbiting aren't so false? This week, the stars have to do a solo dance and also a team dance, which seems like a horrible idea, but we'll see what happens. And whatever happens, it will be LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!

Tom and Samantha welcome us to the show and promo the team dance again. Ooh, I kind of forgot that Cody is dancing with Edyta now. As the opening music ends, Samantha makes eye contact with one of the stars or dancers and then does this goofy shoulder shrug thing. She is a serious dork. Tom and Samantha explain that one team is going to do the cha cha and one team is going to do the paso doble, and they will be awarded a score by the judges that will be added to their individual scores.

Last week, Warren messed up one step but the judges totally noticed and dinged him for it. This week, Kym and Warren are doing the foxtrot, and Kym emphasizes the character of the dance as well as the technique. Kym takes Warren in to see Nick Kosovich, a world champion, do the foxtrot, and Warren gets some tips on how to master his routine.

Warren and Kym begin their foxtrot. They do a whole beginning thing where they approach the judges' area and dance up and down the steps. Warren looks like he's counting out loud as they dance in hold, and he doesn't look as joyful as he usually does on the floor. He looks like he's totally in his head, trying really hard to remember the steps, and then he kind of screws up one move. They do a leaping turn that doesn't look great on Warren either. This is not his best week. But what did the judges think? Hey, Kathy Griffin is in the audience, probably to support her friend Lance Bass. It's Kathy's birthday tomorrow! Len is back, and he agrees with me that it wasn't Warren's best dance and it was a little bit of a disappointment. Bruno is wearing the feather stole that Kym abandoned at the beginning of the dance, and he proclaims, "I am what I am." Everyone gets a good laugh out of that. Bruno thinks that Warren was flat-footed. Carrie Ann asks Warren what was going on, and Warren admits that he's not wearing the right shoes and it threw him. Carrie Ann tells him to be a trooper and get that joyfulness back. Backstage, Warren says that he wears a 15EEE shoe and the ones he's wearing aren't right. Scores: Carrie Ann 7, Len 7, and Bruno 7.

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