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Two nights ago, and it seems so long ago now, there was a wild ride. But the team dances, new this season, widened the gap between the top and the bottom. So what does that mean in terms of sending someone home? We'll find out tonight LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!

After the obligatory references to tallying votes (and thank God they didn't go so far to compare the importance of this show to the national election), Samantha and Tom introduce the show and go right into the recap of Monday night's episode. Warren tried to be a gentleman in his foxtrot, but the judges thought he had lost his footwork and technique. Afterwards, Warren admitted that his dance wasn't great. Susan's paso doble instilled confidence, which seems to be Susan's storyline every week. She's not so terrible! She's improving! So why do her scores still suck? Afterwards, Susan still can't say that she's a good dancer, but I think confidence is only part of her problem. Maurice did his best dance of the season, and Cheryl complimented his ability to push through his injury. Cody waltzed with Edyta, and the judges didn't think he quite hit it. Lance's rumba divided the judges, with Carrie Ann and Bruno loving it and Len hating it, or at least hating the props. Afterwards, Lance defended his "artistic expression." Brooke created a divine foxtrot, and the judges rewarded them with the season's first perfect score.

Tonight, they actually show the selection process, which was random with Susan and Warren picking balls out of a...bigger ball? Anyway, it would have been nice if they had shown that last night; we could have avoided a lot of speculation on the forums about how "random" the choices actually were. The first team did the cha-cha, and it was all kinds of messy. Carrie Ann pointed out how not in unison it was. The second team did the paso doble, which was much better and boosted the scores.

Samantha makes a "spontaneous" comment about how the team dances showed off the camaraderie, and then Tom throws it to Len to find out who will get to do another dance. To no one's surprise, it's Team Paso Doble. Warren and Maurice don't seem as sure-footed as they did last night, and at one point, I'm pretty sure Maurice screws up and starts laughing at himself. Wisely, they have Derek and Brooke do their solo section last, because they are awesome. I think I'm starting to jump on the Brooke and Derek train. I found her kind of boring at first, but I enjoy their dances a lot. Len has a point that it's easier to dance in unison to a song with such a strong beat, but their unison is still really good. You can see them all glancing at each other to make sure they're together; that didn't happen with the other group. And the crowd loves it.

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