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Last week, Kim and Mark went home. However, on Friday, while practicing her jive, Misty hurt her Achilles tendon. And they even have footage of the injury. Sometimes watching this show is kind of like watching a football game where every week, someone gets carted off the field on a gurney. And I kind of love that. Anyway, tonight, we'll find out if Misty's injury means she has to drop out, as well as see a bunch of performances as usual. And it will all be LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!

Tom and Samantha introduce the couples, and I'm interested to see if Misty is able to walk out, and if she's wearing a boot or cast or whatever. There are definitely some... interesting outfits this week. And I can tell by their '50s outfits that Cloris and Corky are doing the Jive and I'm not looking forward to it. There's a woman in the audience that I think looks exactly like me, and I pause the DVR and make my husband look because it's kind of freaking me out. He says that she looks like me, if I gained forty pounds and aged ten years. So either I have a poor self-image, or he sees me in the best possible light. You make the call. Anyway, Misty and Maks did not walk out, so either she can't walk, or they're just trying to draw out the suspense. Tom promises us that Misty will be out later tonight to talk about her injury. They show the footage again, and she actually hops around and puts weight on her bad ankle right after the incident, so now I'm thinking it wasn't all that bad. Who knows?

But first, we get to see some of this week's dances. The first couple to perform this week is Susan and Tony, doing the jive. Susan and Tony get in an argument over whether or not she knows the steps. She doesn't think that she does. Tony points out that Susan is too much in her head, so he... takes her to meet the Rockettes? To help with her kicking? They advise her to enjoy herself in the performance, and then Susan and Tony do a kickline with the Rockettes. Well, if you're going to meet the Rockettes, you have to do a kickline. It's like a law.

So here's their performance. Susan is light on her feet, but it's like you can see her counting out the steps in her head: "Kick, kick, step. Step, flick, step." She needs to just get into the music a little more and just perform. Like the Rockettes said! I get that it's probably tougher for the more mature competitors to really dance away with abandon, but she still seems too careful. And there are a few parts where she doesn't seem all that familiar with the routine and kind of forgets some steps. Judges? Len thinks being on this show is physically and mentally tough on everyone, and he thinks Susan has kept things strong. Bruno basically says he likes to check out Susan's boobs in so many words, and then says that she looked a bit tentative in her steps at times, but she does show improvement. Carrie Ann says also noticed that Susan seemed a bit timid, and needs to show off her confidence and strength. Backstage, Susan says that she rolled her ankle a bit earlier and missed dress rehearsal, but she's fine now. Scores: Carrie Ann 7, Len 7, and Bruno 7.

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