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Baby Got Booted

Time to reveal two more safe couples. The first one is... Warren and Kym. Joining them in safety are... Maurice and Cheryl. So who's left? Kim, Cloris, Misty, and Lance. And their partners, of course. The best part is that as they go to break, we see Mark totally walking away from Kim to congratulate someone and Kim just stands there like a mannequin. I don't think Mark likes her that much.

After the break, Tom and Samantha reveal one more safe couple first and it's... Lance and Lacey. They look mighty relieved. Joining them in safety are... Misty and Maks. Oh, thank God. Maks keeps things interesting. So to the surprise of no one, either Cloris or Kim is going home. Tom reminds us that they are not necessarily the bottom two. Samantha tries to ignore the fact that Cloris is pretending to faint and Corky is holding her up as Tom announces who's safe. So who's going home? Kim and Mark. Poor Mark. But thank God Kim is gone. Now I don't really hate anyone. Kim has to ruin my hate by saying that this is the five-year anniversary of her father's death and now I kind of feel bad. As the group joins Kim and Mark on the floor, Mark gives Corky a big hug, which is kind of sweet, except Corky kind of creeps me out. I notice Mark doesn't spend a whole lot of time hugging Kim, though. At least I won't have to see the now-scary Bruce Jenner in the audience next week. See you then!

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