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I don't know who's going home tonight, but I'll tell you one thing: whatever happens, it's going to happen LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!

Samantha promises us that it's "an incredible night of entertainment and elimination." That sounds... kind of dirty, doesn't it? Tom reminds us that they didn't reveal who was second to last in the previous week, so really, anyone could be down in the bottom and eligible for elimination. Does anyone else think that Toni is getting younger each week? She looks like a teenager at this point. Brooke observes in her confessional that she's worried, due to the judges' compliments, that people don't realize how hard she's working. Misty tells us that Maks pushes her because he knows that she can be better. Susan Lucci is so thin and she has that Tori Spelling canyon in between her implants. It's even more disturbing in an older woman; I'm not looking forward to seeing how Tori Spelling ages if Susan is any indication. Kim tells us that she wants to come back so that she can wear different outfits and you can kind of feel Mark cringe as she talks. Poor Mark. Although I guess he's had his share of good partners in the past two seasons. Still. He obviously loves dancing and it must be weird to be partnered with someone who obviously doesn't give a shit.

Len gets to choose the encore performance, although he claims that they all agreed that it should be Warren and Kym's paso doble. My husband wanders into the room and says, "Good. Maybe Warren will die." Seriously! He hates Warren Sapp so much! Anyway, Warren does a great job again with the footwork but I think if he wants to be a contender, he needs to work on the details: pointing his toes when he kicks, his hand positions. They still screw up the ending, I think; at least I hope that's not what it was supposed to look like!

Tom promises that the stars are in for a shock tonight, since they don't know who was in the bottom last week. So are they going to reveal the bottom two this week? They don't say. But we do get to find out one couple that will be continuing, and it's...Toni and Alec. Another couple who will be moving on is...Rocco and Karina. Yay! Rocco! I thought he might be a goner. I don't know why I'm enjoying him so much when if you had asked me before the season began, I would have said he would be in my bottom two with Kim Kardashian. Before going to break, they flash to Jessica Simpson in the back because she'll be singing later, and man. Speaking of dead behind the eyes? Nothing going on there -- at all.

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