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Cody and Julianne have a tough act to follow with their salsa. Once again, Julianne's choreography is just outstanding. She knows Cody's weaknesses are his hip action and stiff movements, so she creates movements that distract from that. There are a lot of complicated moves done in hold, with twists and turns, and a big lift at the end that Cody executes well. It's definitely got a wow factor, even if I think Cody is the weakest dancer left in the competition. But what do the judges think? Carrie Ann thinks it was fun, but Cody was a little ahead of the beat, which is true. Len disagrees, and liked Cody's hip movement and strengths in his lifts. Bruno calls Cody "a little cheeky devil" but says he needs to work on his technique. Cody says he'll do whatever it takes to make the finals. Backstage, Cody thanks his fans for bringing him back so that he could dance with Julianne again. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 8, and Bruno 8. Wow, after all that praise from Len and Bruno, I thought the scores would be higher from them.

A pro couple demonstrates the jitterbug, a dance with which most casual viewers are probably more familiar. And then my recording cuts out for a few minutes, and I missed Warren and Kym's whole routine! Stupid cable. I tried to find it online but ABC doesn't put up the episodes before my deadline, so I'll tell you that the forum posters (who are really smart) said it was lethargic, slow, and flat-footed. When my recording returns, Warren and Kym are facing the judges after their jitterbug. Len thinks Warren is joyful and sells his routines one hundred percent. Bruno says something about Starship Troopers, and then tells Len that his master class didn't work because Warren's feet were terrible. Carrie Ann loved the routine, even if their lifts seemed a bit dangerous. Backstage, Samantha tries to do Warren's moves. Oh, dear. That was bad. Samantha is worse at dancing than she is at hosting. Scores: Carrie Ann 9, Len 8, and Bruno 8.

Lance and Lacey are last with their jitterbug. It's very USO flavored, as Lance is wearing a sailor outfit and Lacey has on a red white and blue dress. A minute into their routine, Lance accidentally kicks off one shoe, and it seems to distract him for the rest of the routine. They do okay, but not as stellar as I think they could. There was a lot of weirdness in the choreography, including a lot of jazz fingers. I would have loved a traditional high-energy jitterbug from these two, and I think they could have pulled it off. The crowd liked it, though, as Tom can't even get them to settle down so he can compliment Lance dancing with only one shoe. Bruno thought it was brilliant, and loved the reference to Gene Kelley and Ann Miller in On The Town. Carrie Ann thought it was magic on the dance floor. Len salutes them for dancing two fabulous routines tonight. I swear, there must be something about seeing these routines in person that makes a difference, because I feel like I don't get some of the enthusiasm at times. Backstage, Lance sheds a few tears over how much that was dedicated to his grandfather. Scores: Carrie Ann 10, Len 9, and Bruno 10. Lance and Lacey are thrilled with their scores. I hope they're not peaking too early.

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