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The crowd gives them a standing ovation and Lance is pumped. Len says that he's been tough on them, but it's all about where you finish in the competition, and he thinks this was their best routine so far. Bruno pronounces it semifinal material, and is happy to see it. Carrie Ann thinks it was a showstopper, and the best dance so far also. Backstage, it's time for scores: Carrie Ann 10, Len 9, and Bruno 9. Lacey nearly falls over when she sees the 10. Lance thanks his grandfather for being there, as he's clearly a good luck charm. Lance adds that they've timed their resurgence just right, and they're hoping for more tens.

So the first round is over, and the second begins with Brooke and Derek at the bottom of the scoreboard. Each couple got to choose from the four new dances this year, and then Len visited them for a master class. Then there's a super lame intro where Len dances on stage with Cheryl and Kym before waking up from that dream. It just takes too long. I'd rather see more time with Len and the couples. First he visits Lance, whose biggest problem is that he's pigeon-toed. Len comes in with no shoes on as a joke. He dances with Lance and shows him how to avoid being pigeon-toed. It involves turning out your thigh. Next, Len visits Cody to work on the hip action. He gets him to roll his hips, and Cody realizes that Len is not that scary. Len goes to see Brooke to get her to straighten her legs at the appropriate times. Finally, Len goes to help Warren with his footwork, especially his flicks and kicks. In return, Warren shows Len how he did his solo move from last week. Len is actually pretty good at it!

Yay! Experts to show us what the new dances are supposed to look like! I've been asking for this for a while. Although I would prefer if they had these two do the routine and then had Len break it down with a telestrator to point out specific things to look for -- didn't they used to do that back in the first or second season? Or am I making that up? Anyway, first we see a salsa and what I got out of it was that there should be a lot of turns and twirls, with good hip action.

So Brooke and Derek are first to do their salsa. Brooke has a bit of a wardrobe malfunction and her thong is hanging out the back of her pants for almost the entire routine. They also do three lifts, by my count. I have to think that Derek just misunderstood the rules or something, because he's not normally one to flout them this way. The routine itself is good. The crowd gets really into it, anyway. I was so distracted by the illegal lifts that I couldn't get into it, but they don't have any major mistakes, so it's a definitely improvement over the first week. And it's not like they could take the lifts out, if there was a misunderstanding. The crowd gives them a standing ovation. Bruno thinks that Brooke is back and he thought she shook it to a fever pitch. Carrie Ann mentions the lifts, but adds that they really added to the number, and congratulates Brooke on coming back from her disastrous first dance. Len tells Brooke to play to her strengths, which this routine did, instead of trying to worry what the other dancers are doing. Backstage, Samantha congratulates them on their comeback. Brooke is happy that she was able to come back after her worst fears came true. Scores: Carrie Ann 9, Len 10, and Bruno 9. They really need to work out this whole lift thing, since Carrie Ann is obviously the only person who lets it affect her scoring and she's kind of coming off like a jerk, when she's just trying to follow the rules. As a rules-follower myself, I can empathize.

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