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What did the judges think? Len says that it was a disaster. The crowd boos, but not even that vehemently. Bruno says that their technique went down the toilet, and he's shocked. Carrie Ann says she found it disrespectful that they did a blatant lift, so I guess that restriction wasn't lifted. Wow. They didn't even try to pretend like Brooke's feet were skimming the floor. Usually when someone does a lift, it's a mistake where the foot goes off the floor just a bit. So Brooke and Derek got the "disappointed dad" take from the judges. Backstage, Samantha says that this is Brooke's first time getting raked over the coals. Brooke says that all her fears came true, because she missed the first step and never got back on track. Scores: Carrie Ann 7, Len 7, and Bruno 7. The crowd boos, but I think that was generous. If she did that routine in week one or two, she would have had some sixes in there, for sure. I feel bad for her, but hopefully they will make it up with the salsa.

Last week, Cody got rescued by the viewers' votes so that he could be reunited with Julianne, who was out getting her appendix removed. During the week, Cody went to the Country Music Awards to surprise Julianne, who was attending. I'm not sure what that segment was about, since it had nothing to do with anything, other than promoting the CMAs, which already aired, so I don't get it. Cody has a lot of trouble learning the paso doble, and Julianne tries to get him to channel his feelings into the dance.

So their paso doble is first. Cody is dressed up like a GI, while Julianne has on a military dress with a full skirt. It's an interesting take on the paso; at least it's not all Spanish with the bull and the cape. I wonder if it's too much of a departure, though. Cody does well, but he seems to sometimes confuse being purposeful in his movements with being stiff. He looks like a robot at times. The whole routine, while well done, seems a bit toned down to me compared to Julianne's usual choreography. I don't know if that's due to Cody's limitations, Julianne's illnesses, or something else entirely.

Cody and Julianne are thrilled, but what about the judges? Bruno says he's all for innovation but he didn't see enough of the Spanish lines of the dance. Carrie Ann admires Cody for his determination but she sees too much tension in his movements. Len doesn't think it was good, but Julianne tells Cody that he was awesome. Len adds that it lacked dance quality. I admire that Julianne is trying so hard to shore up Cody's confidence, but at this point, he shouldn't need it quite so much, should he? Backstage, Cody says that he'll take the judges' critiques, and Julianne thinks Cody was strong, when the judges always accuse him of being too loose. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 7, and Bruno 7. Julianne celebrates for a minute over beating her big brother, but then remembers that she probably shouldn't gloat when she needs people to vote for her, and clams up. I kind of wish they would play up the sibling relationship more, in terms of competitiveness. I guess they're still trying to pretend the celebrities are the only reason people watch this show, when I think many of the pros have become the draw.

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