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Tight Pants and Ballroom

The final dancer of the night is Warren Sapp, NFL star, better known for his sack dances than ballroom. His partner is poor Kym, who never gets a break. I hope Warren is at least decent. Warren says he likes footwork, so he catches on pretty quickly. So how is their cha cha cha? He's definitely got the shimmy shake thing down pretty well, and he's got a good sense of rhythm, but he's got no hip action. He is strong though, so they can do some tricks that way. And he's clearly having a good time, which goes a long way in my book. Len calls him "a great bit bundle of joy" and had fun on the floor. Carrie Ann is exuberant, and is happy they ended on such a positive note. Bruno loved how light he is on his feet, and admires his footwork. Backstage, Warren is terrified, and even that is cute. Scores: Carrie Ann 7, Len 7, and Bruno 7.

Final score recap:
Brooke and Derek: 23
Lance and Lacey: 22
Toni and Alec: 22
Warren and Kym: 21
Misty and Maks: 21
Kim and Mark: 19
Ted and Inna: 18
Maurice and Cheryl: 18
Julianne and Cody: 18
Cloris and Corky: 16
Susan and Tony: 15
Rocco and Karina: 14
Jeffrey and Edyta: 12

Should go home? Kim Kardashian, for reasons stated above. Will go home? Either Rocco or Jeffrey. It should be Jeff Ross, but I'd like to keep him another week for the LOLs. Susan's got a huge fanbase, so she's not going anywhere.

Find out what Maks had to say about the new season and his partner Misty in his exclusive blog.

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