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Tom and Samantha welcome us to the results show, where we will learn which three couples will get to go to the finals next week. First, they recap last night's performances with new confessional footage. In those confessionals, Jason tells Len that he loves him like a play-cousin, Cristian celebrates avoiding the ER, Kristi and Mark beg for votes (which makes me think maybe they don't understand that the confessional footage isn't shown on television until the results show), and Marissa and Tony hoped that they would return next week, but promised to be in the audience if they're not. The one clip I really enjoyed there was the footage of Cheryl and Cristian walking through the backstage hallways and Cheryl teasing Tom Bergeron about her scores, as Tom walked around with his tie undone and his shirt half-unbuttoned (presumably after the show). I like real backstage moments.

Len asks to see an encore of Kristi and Mark's tango. That's funny, since he was the one who didn't like it last night. I wish Kristi had worn a slightly shorter dress (or one with more of a slit) because they do a lot of cool footwork and you can't really see her feet so well. I think Kristi's facial expressions were better tonight than last night.

Now it's time for the little kids to compete again, and I've gone on record as kind of hating this. Some people posted in the forums that these kids are used to competition, as they compete all the time around the country, and I'm kind of against that too, but I'm especially against doing it on national television, on one of the highest-ranked shows in the country. Tom is quick to point out that viewers will be voting for the winner, and we're supposed to pick the couple we find most entertaining, probably because, due to the age difference, it wouldn't be fair to just vote for who is technically better. But since when does the American public listen to instructions? The first couple, the 9-year-olds Aaron and Rashell, get a visit from Kym Johnson to get some pointers. The kids dance, and I don't know. There's just something unnatural about seeing little kids do these polished dances. It creeps me out a little bit. The judges heap praise on them.

Samantha does an interview with the remaining celebrities. As usual, no one says anything interesting except that they still really want to be there. Jason and Cristian declare that they are taking a temporary hiatus from their friendship, but only temporary.

Then a group of dancers performs a tribute to Michael Jackson's album "Thriller" that includes a performance by Omarion. I wonder, is there a more recognizable dance sequence, even to people who know nothing about dance or choreography, than the zombie dance sequence from the "Thriller" video? It's been referenced or mimicked or adapted in so many other videos or movies. I mean, there was even an homage in Ferris Bueller's Day Off. I'm a little disappointed that they don't include a "Beat It" segment in the tribute, though. Wasn't that the biggest single off the album? Or was "Billie Jean" bigger? I, like many young girls of the era, was the BIGGEST Michael Jackson fan. You know how some people are all fired up about the New Kids reunion? Michael Jackson was my New Kids. Anyway, this was my favorite non-ballroom routine this season, by far.

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