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Marissa and Tony are doing the jive, and you know this because they dressed '50s style. Tony looks super nerdy in an argyle vest and Marissa's hair is more poodle-y than ever. In rehearsal, Tony tries to tell jokes, but they are so horrible that Marissa just laughs at his reputation as the bad boy of the ballroom. She points out that you don't have to be that bad, relatively speaking. I ask my husband how old he thinks Marissa acts, and he says, "Like a twelve-year-old on Pixie Stix." And then he guesses that she's twenty-five. When I tell him that she's thirty-five, he just sits there in stunned silence for a while. I think I broke him. Anyway, on to the jive! They dance to Avril Lavigne's "Girlfriend" and it seems like Marissa misses a few steps in there. She's so pigeon-toed that it screws her up sometimes. And I think she has a banana clip in her hair. Anyway, it seems kind of low energy and like she's too much in her head or something.

Judges? Len thinks it was well-done but too careful. Marissa looks devastated. Carrie Ann thinks that Marissa is better than that, and that the routine was boring. Tony defends his partner, probably because his choreography was under attack a little bit. Bruno thinks that Marissa has more talent to show, and says he wouldn't pick on her if he didn't believe that. Backstage, Marissa lags behind because I think she's upset. Samantha asks what Marissa needs to do to break through, and Marissa admits that she doesn't know. Tony thinks that Marissa might make it look too easy. What are the scores? Carrie Ann 6, Len 7, Bruno 6 for a total of 19. The audience boos and Marissa begs everyone to call and vote so that she can come back next week.

Priscilla notes that her scores went down in the second week, so she needs to step it up. As they rehearse the tango, Louis explains that the tango embodies a love/hate relationship. Priscilla hopes that her perfectionism will lead to a great routine, and hopes to call upon her experience acting. Priscilla's dress is beautiful, but her turns seem a little too hoppy and not quite smooth enough. And I'm not trying to be mean, but Priscilla's facial expression doesn't change for the whole routine. Maybe it can't? Her footwork is great, though, as is her posture.

But who cares what I think? Bruno thinks it was well-executed and beautifully acted. Len loved the "passion, drama, fire and ice." Carrie Ann says that she was mesmerized and cautions her to watch her neckline. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 9, and Bruno 9 for a total of 26. Wow! Maybe the drama came across better in the ballroom than in my living room. Priscilla doesn't think her confidence is growing, but she hopes it does soon.

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