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But what about the judges? Bruno thinks that everyone had a good time during that dance, and Christian also delivered. Len thinks Christian's legs could have been sharper, but it was also the best he's done so far. Carrie Ann thinks Christian has a good shot at winning because he shows so much improvement from week to week. She tries to offer criticism about his free arm but Bruno shouts over her so we can't hear what she says. What about the scores? Carrie Ann 8, Len 8, and Bruno 9 for a total of 25. Cheryl and Christian are THRILLED! Christian even kisses the camera. Samantha reminds them that it's Christian's best score as well as the best score of the night thus far.

Mario and Karina are the next to dance. Mario says that he and Karina had to travel together so he could promote his album while learning the new routine. We see footage of them rehearsing all over the country, including a lot of footage of them rehearsing in airports, which I totally don't get. Anyway. I'm not sure what's up with Mario's outfit or his facial hair this week - he's got sort of an Abe Lincoln thing. Which I later realize is fake, so why? And you know who he looks like with that chin-strap beard? David from Real World: New Orleans. They should have danced to "Come On Be My Baby Tonight." You know you remember that song. But instead, they're dancing to the version of "Roxanne" from Moulin Rouge. The turns are very sharp but his posture is not great. And for two people that the gossip columnists claim are making out all over town, they don't have much chemistry.

Len starts out by saying that he thought this was a disappointment. Carrie Ann thinks Mario's style is what sets him apart and it was lacking this week. Bruno didn't think it was all that bad, but he thought it was dramatic and strong. He also thinks Mario can do better. So how does that translate into scores? Carrie Ann 7, Len 6, and Bruno 8 for a total of 21. Mario, like Christian, gives props to Bruno for the higher score. Mario vows to focus on rehearsal more if people can vote to keep him in this week.

Last week, Shannon was pleased with her improvement. In rehearsal, Shannon worries that her long legs don't allow for any mistakes in footwork, because it's so noticeable. Derek takes Shannon into the kickboxing ring to show her how to flick her feet in the kicks. Their jive begins to Adam Ant's "Goodie Two Shoes" and it just feels really slow and long, even though Shannon's footwork is good. I think a good rule of thumb when picking a song is to take a slow song and speed it up instead of taking a fast song and slowing it down.

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