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Next up: The Gute and Anna. Last week, Bruno told him to work more on his content and less on his facial expressions. During rehearsal, Anna was too sick to rehearse, so Steve practiced with her husband, Jonathan. Watching the footage of the two men dancing kind of makes me wish they would have a same-sex dancing couple on this show. I don't know how Disney would feel about that. Steve and Anna begin their tango. Anna looks very beautiful in her red dress. Their dance looks pretty good to me -- Steve's footwork and posture seem decent and he keeps a serious facial expression the whole time. It's not great or anything, but it's better.

As Steve prepares to face the judges, he puts on goggles and a helmet because he thinks the judges will shell him. Oh, Steve. Leave the comedy to the comedians. Carrie Ann thinks it was his best routine so far, but he needs a bit more content. Len liked his footwork and thought it was much improved. Bruno liked that it was "manly." Not exactly gushing with praise. Backstage, Samantha asks Steve about dancing with Jonathan and Steve says, "He was hairy and I enjoyed dancing with him." Huh? I...guess? I'm not sure what being hairy has to do with the dancing. Time for the scores: Carrie Ann 7, Len 7, and Bruno 7 for a total of 21. Steve promises the audience that all of the dances tonight are great, since he's seen them all rehearse. I appreciate that he toned down the "saving the world through the majesty of dance" stuff from last week.

Christian and Cheryl are up next with their jive. Last week, Christian was one of the last ones revealed to be safe. In rehearsal, Christian keeps doubting Cheryl and getting mad at himself. So she...takes him to SeaWorld? To dance with a sea lion? Of course she does! I mean, wouldn't you? Anyway, something about the experience teaches Christian that he needs to have fun if he wants to win. I don't know. Why are Cheryl's rehearsal tactics always the dumbest? I realize the dancer probably doesn't come up with them, but hers are always corny as hell. I think Christian needs to be both hunky and self-deprecating to win over the voters, and I don't know that this was it. Anyway, to the jive! Christian's face looks a little maniacal with the smile and everything and he's kind of freaking me out with the intensity. Christian gets a little off beat in the middle, but they end with some really cool moves involving sliding on the floor in between each other's legs, and even though Christian ends up too far off the floor and bumps one of the lights, the audience is impressed.

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