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Season 6 Performance #2

The final routine belongs to Mario and Karina. After their first routine, Mario had the highest guys' score, and Len told him to work on his footwork. Karina takes him to the beach to work in the sand, like is this Dirty Dancing? Actually, Mario would be a good person to star in (another) remake of that movie. Who could be his female lead? How about Rhianna?

Mario's wearing tails, but the sleeves of his tuxedo have been ripped off. At first, I thought it was cheesy that there were hanging threads, but I think it would actually be cheesier if the tuxedo were made that way. Maybe. Anyway, the routine is good, and quite difficult, but you can see Mario thinking through the steps in a way that he didn't have to do last week. He's not as confident, even though the technique is there. And compared to, say, Penn's quickstep, it is worlds more difficult. Judges? Bruno thought it was charismatic and focused. Len liked the footwork and movement, but he needs to improve his hold and keep his elbow up. Carrie Ann liked Mario's charm and movement. Bruno can't shut up about Mario's bulging muscles, which seems a bit indecent. Scores: Carrie Ann 9, Len 8, and Bruno 9 for a total of 26.

So here's the totals from both weeks, which Tom is sure to remind us only counts for half of the score, since the public's votes make up the other half.
Kristi and Mark: 54
Mario and Karina: 50
Jason and Edyta: 49
Marlee and Fabian: 46
Priscilla and Louis: 45
Shannon and Derek: 45
Christian and Cheryl: 41
Marissa and Tony: 39
Adam and Julianne: 36
Steve and Anna: 34
Penn and Kym: 33
Monica and Jonathan: 30

See you tomorrow night for the double elimination and other filler!

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