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Season 6 Performance #2

Shannon and Derek are back to do the quickstep. Shannon thinks that her score was too high last week, because she knows that she messed up. As they rehearse, Shannon realizes that she has no cardio stamina, so Derek takes her for a walk/run in the mountains. Because you can get into perfect cardio shape in a week. Yeah, right.

Shannon chose a longer silver dress this week and she and Derek look very glamorous. Their footwork is good - way better than Penn's. Like a million times better. They really move around the dance floor and it's quite good. Judges? Bruno is thrilled, and thinks it was "bright, dynamic, exciting, a shot of adrenaline." He tells the other contestants that this is what they want. Carrie Ann was impressed with the level of difficulty as well as the posture and footwork. Len says that he can't be as enthusiastic as Bruno because he's not unbalanced mentally. He advises Shannon to be a little lighter in her hold instead of grasping onto Derek like a drowning victim. Well, he doesn't use those words, but that's the gist. Backstage, Shannon seems very pleased for once. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 8, and Bruno 8 for a total of 24.

Jason Taylor and Edyta did fairly well last week. Jason rehearses the mambo, but says he doesn't like it because it's so fast. Edyta puts him through the paces, and Jason is exhausted, because Edyta has put together a crazy routine. She urges Jason to turn up the heat.

Holy crap. This is a fantastic routine. Jason is easily the best mover of the big men this season. He's got great hip action, and he manages to toss Edyta around like a rag doll, but sexily. ["I have to say, I'm about ready to forgive Jason Taylor for being a Miami Dolphin." -- Joe R] Len thinks Jason is a winner. Bruno is impressed that Jason led the whole way through. Carrie Ann thinks Jason has a good shot at winning, and she thinks he and Edyta look good together. Scores: Carrie Ann 9, Len 9, and Bruno 9 for a total of 27. Wow! I guess they deserved it, but I figured there would be at least one eight in there. Jason credits Edyta for getting him to break out of his shell.

Marissa and Tony are up next. In rehearsal, Marissa cries while eating an apple (?) and worries that she can't do what the other women can physically do, like death drops and high kicks. Tony gives her a pep talk and between the lighting and the background music, this really feels like an afterschool special. Super cheesy! I mean, this whole show is cheese-tastic, but this segment in particular is really bad. Anyway, they rehearse the quickstep, and Marissa vows to keep up her energy.

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