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Season 6 Performance #2

Penn opens by holding a voodoo doll of a judge holding a paddle, and sticks pins into it. Then, when Kym comes out, Penn's tie flies up like he's getting a boner. I'm not a fan of business before the dancing starts, just like I hated last season when Maks would start every dance with a bunch of walking around in time to the music. This is business-y, but also corny, so two strikes right there. I'm sure Penn would tell me that it's FUN! Their dance is about what you'd expect. Penn is not quick with the footwork, and there's one section where, in a typical quickstep, the partners kick their feet in between each other's legs. Kym does it, but Penn doesn't, which is lame. Although it's possible that he just forgot or screwed up, because at the end of the dance, he looks disappointed, like he knows he messed up. Judges? Penn tries to sneak off the stage. Because he's FUN!!! Len was convinced that Penn was trying to do a proper quickstep, but he still needs better footwork. Bruno thought the whole thing was atrocious. Penn talks back to the judges. Carrie Ann gets to play the good cop and says that she finds him endearing. Penn promises that he's having fun. He'll have FUN until it KILLS HIM, AMERICA! He can keep saying that, but he needs to show it through his dance. Penn pretends to fall down while walking backstage because he can't not be the center of attention. That's what bugs me about Penn. He's a try-hard. Backstage, Penn advises people at home not to try to learn to dance, because it's not fun, but I think the joke kind of backfires on him. Scores: Carrie Ann 6, Len 6, and Bruno 5 for a total of 17. Kym is pleased with the scores but Penn keeps complaining and trying to make jokes. Bleh.

Priscilla is looking a little more normal this week, through the skillful use of makeup. Or maybe she got fresh Botox right before last week's show and now it's worn off a bit. Louis thinks that Priscilla needs to let go of being perfect and just have fun. Priscilla hopes to prove that mambo can be sexy at any age. I'll say this for Priscilla; she knows the steps pretty well, and her lines are good. But what do the judges think? Carrie Ann is impressed with Priscilla's sensuality and attitude. Len likes that they danced on the second beat, and advises her to go for less precision and more attitude. Bruno thought it was technically accomplished but she needs to push it. Carrie Ann disagrees. Backstage, Priscilla credits Louis for challenging her. Scores: Carrie Ann 7, Len 7, and Bruno 7 for a total of 21.

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