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Season 6 Performance #2

Tonight, all twelve couples will dance once more, and America will have one more chance to vote before the first double elimination tomorrow night. So let's get to it.

After all of the couples are introduced (and the vibe is remarkably more relaxed this week), Steve Gutenberg is announced as the first competitor. The GUTE! He has to do the mambo this week, and his partner, Anna, gets a little frustrated when he can't catch on right away, especially with the hip action. Anna calls in her mom, who is also a noted professional dancer, to help out. Turns out mom is Steve's age, and a big fan of the Gute! They cut up and laugh and learn some dancing along the way. Maybe she should be his partner instead of Anna. Anyway, Steve continues on his mission to bring peace and love to the world through the majesty of dance.

To the mambo! Steve has a bad case of white man's overbite that his partner needs to help him with. Anyway, they dance, and there's not a lot of footwork going on, but Steve still has a great attitude and seems so upbeat that you can't hate on him too much. Or at least, I can't. Judges? Len compares it to when he tries to cook; he follows all of the instructions and has the proper ingredients, but it comes out all wrong. Bruno thought Steve put too much energy into his facial expressions and not enough into his body movements. Carrie Ann thinks it wasn't his best. Anna lips off to the judges to defend her partner. Backstage, everyone is chanting for the Gute. I think they all had a little too much sugar before the show. Scores? Carrie Ann 6, Len 5, and Bruno 5 for a total of 16. Steve thinks the scores are fair, and continues to give out his message of the show making the world a better place. I'm not sure about that, but it's cute that he thinks so.

Christian and Cheryl are up next. During rehearsals, Cheryl chides Christian for his posture still. In what may be the lamest corny made-for-camera bit, Cheryl makes Christian wear a naval uniform (even though he's in the Air Force in his home country) so that he will stand up straight? I'm sure that made a lot of sense to some PA, but it just comes off like he's pandering for votes because ladies love a man in uniform. Whatever works, I guess. The cheesiest part (and it's hard to pick just one) is when he picks Cheryl up in his arms and she puts his cap on her head like Debra Winger in An Officer and a Gentleman while a synthesized version of the theme to Top Gun (why?) plays in the background. Sigh.

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