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Usher's back to do a jazzy version of "Yeah." Yeah. There's tap dancing. It's nice and all, but seriously, can you just tell me who won? Speaking of filler, after Usher finishes, the two finalists are brought out for a victory lap or something, and then we get to see a clip package. Yes, I watched the whole season. I remember when Kristi learned how to emote.

So Mark and Kristi are performing their jive again. I think Mark is my new Maks. I feel like he choreographs his routines to draw attention to himself instead of showcase his partner. And then he makes those bizarro faces that only serve to draw attention to him and away from his partner again. Sometimes I wish they would have an All-Star season (which the forum posters were discussing this week) but have the celebrities paired with different people. I'd like to see Kristi with Maks. Or Fabian. Anyway, their routine is, as always, technically perfect. Len tells Kristi that she is the most consistent dancer they've ever had. Bruno points out that Kristi almost had a mishap where her foot got caught up in her costume and yet she didn't miss a beat. Carrie Ann commends Kristi for her improvement and thanks her for representing the ladies so well. Scores: Carrie Ann 10, Len 10, and Bruno 10. Did anyone think it would be any different? So that's three perfect scores this week for Kristi and Mark. No pressure, Jason and Edyta.

Remember when Jason and Edyta met? And Jason was embarrassed to be seen dancing? Now they are back to do their quickstep, which I loved. This was definitely my favorite of their routines. Jason finishes with his kiss to Carrie Ann, followed by his handstand over Edyta. Tom has to fill while the audience cheers and cheers. Bruno tells Jason and Edyta that they have heavenly bodies and move like angels. He thinks this was their best performance. Carrie Ann thinks Jason is a force of nature, and has an elegant spirit. Huh? She's turning into Paula. Len says that Jason was unexpected, and while Kristi may be the judges' champion, Jason is the people's champion. Scores: Carrie Ann 10, Len 10, and Bruno 10. Surprise! Jason is really happy, so I feel kind of bad because I think that it's a foregone conclusion that both couples will get a perfect score in the finale. And there's Jason, all proud. God bless him.

Tom takes a moment to talk to some former contestants. He asks Priscilla how she did the show when she's so shy. Priscilla laughs and says that she doesn't know, but loved the challenge. He asks Mario about his exposure to a new audience. Mario says that it was pure fun and he was really impressed by the other contestants who had never danced before. Tom asks Shannon why she cries so much. Shannon says she's just a crier. Around her, everyone pretends to cry and mocks her, including Derek.

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