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Season 6 Performance #1: Women

Their foxtrot begins. Priscilla's footwork during the spins is not great - she moves her foot when it should be a pivot point. She's way more graceful than anyone else we've seen, which will help her. It's kind of like Jane Seymour. She executes the death spiral perfectly. For her age, it was amazing. For any age, it was better than average. Judges? Len enjoyed that it was a proper foxtrot with no gimmicks or props. He cautions her to watch her posture. Bruno thought it was "a smoking hot foxtrot" and loves that Priscilla played the character well throughout. Carrie Ann thinks Priscilla proved that age is just a number, and compliments her elegance. Backstage, Priscilla says that this is hardest thing she's ever done. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 8, and Bruno 8. Wow! I think the judges were just happy to see some actual ballroom dancing.

Kristi Yamaguchi is a medal-winning figure skating champion, and now is also a wife and mother of two. Her partner is Mark Ballas, who inexplicably wore a suit to their first meeting at her home. Kristi is worried that people will have higher expectations of her due to her skating background. In rehearsal, Mark tries to help Kristi make the transition from skating. Kristi is worried about how technical it all is.

Their routine begins, and Kristi is pretty amazing, especially for the first week. She is absolutely the one to beat. Her neck is sometimes a bit stiff, but she's actually doing the dancing, not being tossed around by her partner. She's very graceful, and her footwork is outstanding too. But what did the judges think? Bruno thought it was absolutely wicked, and thought it was the best first-round performance ever. Carrie Ann wonders how Kristi made it look so effortless. Len thought there were little things, but he was impressed with her talent. But what are the scores? Carrie Ann 9, Len 9, Bruno 9. Wow. Those are really high.

Tom introduces Marlee Matlin, who will dance even though she can't hear the music. In her clip package, Marlee explains via her interpreter that she wants to prove that even though you're deaf, you can still dance. Her partner is the newbie, Fabian, who was obviously worried about Marlee dancing when she can't hear the music. Marlee thinks her ability to use her body to communicate will be a plus. During rehearsals, Fabian tests to see how much of the music she can hear, and he advises her to watch him when they're apart, because she really can't hear much on her own.

I get the feeling this won't be nearly as horrible as stupid Heather Mills and her fake leg. Marlee looks absolutely gorgeous. Red is totally her color. I wonder if they picked a bass-heavy song or if the band cranked up the bass. The dance is a little slow, but she does really amazing even when she's not in hold, which is quite a feat. Overall it was good, but really outstanding when you consider that she couldn't hear the music. She was better than most of the people who could hear the music. Judges? Carrie Ann says what she did was totally inspiring, but promises to judge fairly. She thinks Marlee moved fluidly and with ease. Len thought the choreography was good, but she needs to control her arms more. Bruno thinks the music is running through her blood, and he is impressed that she didn't miss a beat the whole time. Samantha has a whole lot of nothing to say backstage and then it's time for the scores: Carrie Ann 7, Len 7, and Bruno 8.

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