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Season 6 Performance #1: Women

Last night, some dudes danced, and the judges...judged. Tom tries to make it out like the judges were really mean, but I think they were just doing their jobs. But tonight, it's ladies' night, and the feeling's right. It's ladies' night, oh what a night (oh, what a night). Okay, I'm done. But you know what else this show is? LIIIIIIIIIIIVE!

Ooh, I really like Samantha's dress tonight. It's a very pale blue and much better than the jewel tones she normally wears. The stars are introduced, and they bring out the men again, even though we met them last night. I think Adam Carolla might be stoned. Would you blame him? Really? He just looks very glassy-eyed. As they pan down the line of dancers, Monica Seles tries to do a little dance and...that doesn't bode well for her routine tonight, because she doesn't look good.

After a recap of the men's routines, Tom asks the judges if the women have what it takes to succeed. Len thinks that the men gave their full effort, and he hopes to see the women do the same. He warns everyone that he's feeling grumpy tonight, though. The hosts remind us that everyone will dance again next Monday, and then next Tuesday will be the first double elimination, with one male and one female celeb going home.

Up first for the ladies is Shannon Elizabeth, with her partner Derek Hough. In the clip package, Shannon tells us that she is a bit of a tomboy. Derek goes to meet Shannon at her home. Derek wants to avoid a repeat of what's happened in the past, where the model/actress types go out early. In rehearsal, Shannon has trouble with wearing heels, and they have a huge wipeout. Shannon is very self-critical and Derek seems a little frustrated. He reminds her that they won't be perfect on the show, and she needs to just have fun with it.

So let's see it. Derek comes out tossing a set of keys up in the air, and Shannon catches them. Their dance begins and Shannon looks great. She has crazily long legs and they have good chemistry. Her lines could be better in some instances, but her footwork is decent. For her first effort, and the first performer of the night, she did well. Judges? Len thinks it had great energy, but he cautions her to watch her legs and hips, especially if she's going to wear such short skirts. ["There was no skirt. There was fringe and NO PANTS." -- Miss Alli] Bruno calls her "a sexy minx" and admires her extension. He wants her to stretch her legs and point her feet more. Carrie Ann is impressed by her energy and confidence, but advises her to work on her flexibility. Carrie Ann and Bruno shout over each other for a while. Helio is in the audience for the second night in a row, like, doesn't he have anything better to do? Isn't there a car that needs driving somewhere? Backstage, Shannon is focused on where she messed up, but Derek thinks she pulled it off. Scores? Carrie Ann 7, Len 7, and Bruno 7.

Now let's meet tennis pro Monica Seles and her partner Jonathan Roberts. Monica never got to be "a girly girl" and feels this is her chance. Jonathan wants revenge for losing in the finals last year. They meet, and Monica confesses that she has zero dance experience. Her first steps on the dance floor are extremely awkward. Jonathan looks worried. He jokingly calls her "El Stiffo." Oh, she is bad. She's lucky they're doing the foxtrot, where they're in hold most of the time and Jonathan can just throw her around for the most part.

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