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Season 5 Performance #8

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Season 5 Performance #8

I was talking to a co-worker about the remaining contestants, and we agreed that, unlike other seasons, it seems like there's no real frontrunner anymore. Weird. Kind of exciting. And you know what else? LIIIIIIIIIIIVE!

How dumb do you think the celebrities feel when they have to stand out on the dance floor for like ten minutes at the beginning of the show, smiling and clapping?

Jennie and Derek: Jennie still doesn't feel like she's a real dancer. So Derek brings in Richard Simmons to inspire her. What? That would frighten me. Richard (who is looking old these days) gives her an inspirational speech, and Jennie actually starts crying. Are you kidding me? Richard tells Jennie that she can be an inspiration for those without confidence.

The Dance: The jive. Jennie is barely wearing any clothes. There are a few mishaps, and there's something about the overexaggerated movements of the jive that doesn't appeal to me. But I will say that Jennie seems to actually perform and enjoy herself more than she usually does.

The Judges: Len isn't sure if that routine was deserving of the semifinals. Bruno thought it was a bit limp, and not crisp enough. Carrie Ann agrees with Bruno, and adds that Jennie needs to watch her posture. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 8, and Bruno 8. Well, those aren't terrible. Based on their comments, I thought the scores would be lower. Jennie says that she thought she did great, and Derek agrees.

Cameron and Edyta: Last week, Cameron sheepishly admits that he was surprised that he didn't get a 10. Cameron reminds Edyta that they don't know how popular they are relative to the other couples, so they need to rally the troops. Cameron goes to a soap fan convention and shows his appreciation for their support. He meets up with Kelly Monaco, who tells him he can go all the way.

The Dance: The Viennese Waltz. I think they're dancing to the theme from the Harry Potter movies. Edyta has more clothes on than I've ever seen her in before. It's a very pretty routine, but nothing special, in my mind.

The Judges: Bruno thought it was majestic, like "a great big gray albatross." Okay. Carrie Ann loved it and thought it was beautiful. Len complains about Cameron's bare chest, complaining that he should have a bow tie on. Cameron buttons his top button so half his chest is hanging out, and everyone laughs. Len says that he grew to love the dance and appreciated the many ballroom elements. Scores: Carrie Ann 9, Len 9, and Bruno 9. So Cameron didn't get his 10, at least not yet.

Marie and Jonathan: Marie did a dance dedicated to her parents, and her father got to see it before passing away the next morning. Marie realizes that her father, head of a performing family, would want the show to go on. Jonathan explains the rumba, and says that there need to be slow, sexy hip movements and passion. Marie can't get romantic with Jonathan without his wife's permission. Luckily, Jonathan is married to Anna, the dancer, so Anna comes in and helps Marie out. Marie is near tears as she says it's been a tough week, but she's dedicating it to her father. I think she just got another week -- I'm not saying she was trying to milk it or anything, but I think a lot of people are rooting for her now.

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