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Season 5 Performance #8: Results

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Season 5 Performance #8: Results

Finally, it's time to find out the fate of another couple. Tom cracks a joke about how terrible the little blurbs are where they say, "Couple X, are you staying or will you go home?," due to the WGA strike. They are really bad. Helio and Julianne are safe! Mel looks like she's about to throw up.

Tom asks Len about Jennie. He thinks she's the dark horse, because they quietly get on with it, and might sneak out with the trophy. Carrie Ann says that Cameron is most improved, and that she knows it's due to his enthusiasm. Bruno thinks that Mel and Maks have animal magnetism, and he thinks Mel is one of the best dancers ever on the show.

Time for scary music! First, they're going to announce another safe couple. And it is...Mel and Maks! Oh, thank God. If only because I thought Mel was going to have a heart attack.

Tom says that the two remaining couples are not necessarily in the bottom two, but that one is going home. And the couple going home is Cameron and Edyta. I hope Cameron gets to take a nap. In their exit interview, Tom says that Cameron was the busiest of anyone in five seasons, and that Cameron must be looking forward to having some free time. Cameron chuckles that he won't know what to do with himself, and really thanks Edyta for her hard work. Edyta says that it's been amazing, and that she never thought Cameron would make it so far. In a new twist (right? Did they do this in previous seasons?), they show a clip package of the couple's highlights from the season. Cameron cracks me up in his final dance by singing along really mock-sincerely to "All Out Of Love" by Air Supply. How can you not enjoy him? He cracks me up.

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