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Season 5 Performance #8: Results

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Season 5 Performance #8: Results

Now for a performance by influential choreographer Fatima Robinson. You know, I can appreciate hip-hop dancing, but it's not why I watch this show. I would much rather see a performance by some of the world champions dancing together, so that we can see what some of the routines are supposed to look like. But I guess the show is trying to skew a bit younger.

Now we get a clip package to show us some background on the dance pros. First, Maksim. He learned ballroom at the age of four. Julianne explains that Maks is more passionate than cocky. Julianne has been dancing her whole life, and moved to London at ten to live with her coaches. Len saw her dance at age eight, and knew she was special; he thinks she forces the other dancers to up their game. Jonathan was an athlete growing up, and didn't take his first dance class until the age of twenty. Maks thinks students love Jonathan because he's gentle, and Len thinks he's one of the best instructors and the best at bringing out his partner's strengths. Edyta always knew she wanted to be a ballroom dancer. Derek was first impressed by Edyta's body. Len thinks Edyta pushes her celebrity, which he appreciates. Derek started dancing at ten, and hated it at first. Edyta thought, at first sight, that Derek was one of the most talented dancers she'd seen. Len likes that Derek is bringing a youthful challenge to the older pros. Len thinks the celebrities should be honored to be partnered with some of the best dancers in the world.

Gloria Estefan is back to sing "Conga." My dad loves this song. I have no idea why. He actually loves Miami Sound Machine in general, despite not enjoying any other music created after about 1970. Anyway, my favorite part of this performance is that you can see the three judges in the background, rocking out. I wish the judges would do a routine at some point, although apparently Len is going to give some sort of master class next week. I would love to see Bruno, though.

Samantha is backstage with everyone but Marie, who is safe. Jennie says that elimination night is her favorite part of the show, because it's exciting. No one else can believe she feels that way, and they all laugh. Samantha tries to get one of them to admit that they want to win, but they all keep talking about how much they love each other.

Clip package on what it takes to be a winner, featuring various inspirational speakers and authors. I'm sure you could write this segment yourself. You know what this segment needs? No writers. Which is probably why it's on this week. They just had to give these blowhards the license to speak about the performers at length and promise to plug their books/CDs/DVDs, and then edit it all together.

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