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Season 5 Performance #7

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Season 5 Performance #7

The Dance: Quickstep. Jane has a WHOLE lot of hair. It kind of starts like a waltz. It's also way slower than Marie's quickstep. There's not nearly enough hopping for a quickstep. It's pretty, but Jane looks like she's wearing toilet paper on her dress.

Judges: Len thought it was graceful and elegant, but they lacked body contact and precise footwork. Bruno thought it was classy, but she needs better technique. Carrie Ann thought the technique was fine, but that Jane needs to bring more excitement to the routine. I would agree with that -- while Sabrina had too much intensity, Jane doesn't have enough.

Scores: Jane points out a necklace she's wearing that belonged to June Cash, and Tony is wearing a watch that belonged to Johnny Cash. Jane adds that she was surprised when she got saved last week, and she's honored to be back. Finally, the scores. Carrie Ann 8, Len 8, and Bruno 8 for 24/30.

Jennie and Derek: This week, they are doing the rumba and the Viennese waltz. Jennie has a hard time dancing the rumba with Derek, because it's all sexy-like. She adds that he dances it with his sister, but she thinks that's weird too. Jennie just laughs at Derek when he tries to get romantic...in the dance, of course. Jennie says she can barely learn one dance per week, and now she's supposed to learn two.

The Dance: Viennese waltz is first. They do a quite complicated routine with lots of twists and turns. I thought it was beautiful, and Jennie did a great job.

Judges: Bruno thought Jennie was fluid "like a water nymph in a magic lake", and she needs to work on sustaining that throughout the dance. Carrie Ann thought Jennie had some broken lines, and the audience boos. Carrie Ann tries to give Jennie advice about her core and posture. Len thought there needed to be more Viennese Waltz in there. Bruno disagrees, and so does the audience. Len says that he's speaking to Derek about his choreography. Derek tries to defend himself, but wisely shuts up.

Scores: Samantha says that everyone in the back was on Jennie's side against the judges. Derek explains that he thought it was supposed to be American-style and not European-style. Carrie Ann 8, Len 8, and Bruno 9, for a total of 25 out of 30.

Cameron and Edyta: Last week, they were in the bottom two and narrowly escaped elimination. After finishing the performance show, they start rehearsing for next week. After the results show, Cameron gets the red-eye to New York. He shoots All My Children and rehearses with Edyta all week. On Friday, he flies back to the West Coast and rehearses some more before starting it all over again.

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