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Season 5 Performance #7

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Season 5 Performance #7

Judges: Bruno thinks Marie raised the roof (?). Carrie Ann thought Marie walked the fine line between character and camp, and the technical details were there. Len likes how Marie brings a twist to each of the dances, and this was his favorite of hers so far.

Scores: Carrie Ann 10, Len 9, and Bruno 9. Marie and Jonathan are thrilled with the 28 out of 30. Marie explains that she's dressed like her mother dressed in her newlywed days, and that her parents were really poor when they met, so they used to dance to earn money to eat. You know, I recapped the Osmonds TV movie (and good Lord, that was over six years ago – I am old), and I don't remember that story. But I think it started more when the kids started performing.

Mel and Maksim: Last week, Mel and Maks got a perfect score, but this week, they have to do a foxtrot and a paso doble. Mel explains that in addition to this show, she's learning twenty songs and routines for the Spice Girls tour. Mel gets frustrated when she can't learn the steps, and she leaves rehearsal, much to Maks's chagrin.

The Dance: Foxtrot. Maks is smart; he puts a lot of similar elements from the "perfect" dance last week into the routine, even though it's a totally different routine. He knows how to choreograph to Mel's strengths. Mel ends by giving Tom a hug, but it's kind of weird and forced, if you ask me. I thought the routine was good, but just good.

Judges: Carrie Ann thought it was good, but felt a little off. Len thought the footwork was off, but he enjoyed the dance. Bruno thinks the foxtrot is a really difficult dance. He liked it, but agrees that the footwork wasn't perfect.

Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 8, and Bruno 8 for a 24/30. Mel and Maks bow and explain that it was a hard dance, so they're happy to have it behind them. Samantha asks about the Spice Girls, and Maks says they're a distraction, but he also promises that the second dance will be awesome.

Jane and Tony: Jane was taken to the hospital last week after getting food poisoning, and they show the ambulance for the people who thought her illness was very conveniently timed. Jane is excited to do the quickstep to "Walk The Line" by Johnny Cash, because she was good friends with Johnny and June Cash. We see some home video footage of Jane and her family hanging out with Johnny.

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