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Season 5 Performance #6

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Season 5 Performance #6

Remember when Marie fainted? Remember when Jane was in the bottom two? Remember when Mark Cuban went home? Well, that was last week. It's a new week, and it's LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!

Tonight, the stars get to choose what dance to do, as long as it's something they haven't done before. And then the group dance! Yay!

Sabrina and Mark are up first. Sabrina uses her interview time to plug plug plug her upcoming Cheetah Girls projects. Sabrina tries to rehearse in these giant platform wedges, which seems like asking for a twisted ankle. Mark says that Sabrina's fatigue means that she is having trouble retaining the routine. And here they go with their foxtrot. Sabrina is wearing a dress with a tuxedo-style top, and her hair is very matronly. From behind, she looks middle-aged. Their dance is nice, but they stumble a little on a drop. Also, I can totally see Sabrina's bra. I know I've said it before, but I don't get what's so special about them. The judges and the audience clearly love them, though.

Judges? Len is reminded that Sabrina is kind of one volume, and she needs both soft and loud. Bruno actually agrees with Len this week, and thinks Sabrina needs finesse. Carrie Ann thought it was a great routine, and disagrees with the guys. Scores: Carrie Ann 9, Len 8, Bruno 8. Sabrina is pleased with those scores, because she's had a rough week and it could have been worse.

Jennie and Derek. Jennie admits that she gets stage fright, and it actually gets worse instead of better as the weeks go on. They're doing the mambo this week, and Derek wants America to see the fun Jennie that he sees in rehearsal. Derek takes Jennie to the soundstage to try to help her conquer her fear. Derek suggests imagining Len in his underwear, like, what is she, Marcia Brady taking her driving test? Also, I really didn't need to see the quick shot of fantasy Len in his undies. Their dance goes really well -- it's incredibly complicated choreography, and Jennie manages to, for the most part, get out of her own way and enjoy herself. There's a small flub near the end, but Jennie covers well.

But what do the judges think? Bruno is beside himself, and thinks that Jennie was steamy. Carrie Ann couldn't agree more, and congratulates Jennie for reaching her potential. Len thinks that, at this point in the competition, you need an exceptional performance, and Jennie brought it this week. Backstage, Jennie says she appreciates Derek being silly and goofy, and she loves that routine. The scores are 9s across the board. Jennie says that she's surprised every week that she gets higher than a 3, and I don't think she's being disingenuous.

Jane and Tony. Last week, the judges loved them, but they ended up in the bottom two. This week, they're doing the jive, so those who wanted to see Jane do a fast dance will get their wish this week. Man, the little storylines they come up with each week are always lame, but this one is the most tangentially related ever. Jane and Tony go to a naval base, because the jive was often danced by GIs in World War II. Jane has a super cute outfit on this week, but this is one slow jive. There's something weird about her legs too -- it's like they are too far apart or something. Her kicks are really ungraceful. Not their best.

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