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Season 5 Performance #5

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Season 5 Performance #5

Last week, Cameron had the polarizing Superman paso doble. Well, polarizing on our forums anyway; the judges loved it. Edyta explains that the rumba is sexy and requires tension. Cameron works through a storyline for himself, and Susan Lucci stops by to give them some tips on how to enhance their chemistry. Cameron wants the judges to need a cold shower when the dance ends. Can they pull it off? I will say this for Edyta -- she just lets Cameron throw her body about with abandon. There are a lot of slow rubbing/grinding movements followed by sharp pushing and pulling. I think Bob the Bachelor is there. Doesn't he have a day job? Or does he still live off being Bob the Bachelor? ["

Bruno tells everyone to lock up their daughters, and he can't believe how much Cameron has improved. Carrie Ann thought they aced it emotionally, but she has to bring up the lift thing again. Len loves that Cameron has broken through, but he wants Edyta to stop doing the one-legged spins, because he's sick of them. I kind of agree. Samantha meets with the couple backstage. Cameron thanks his wife for being so cool with him doing sexy dances with Edyta. Seriously. That would be tough to take. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 9, and Bruno 9. Presumably, Carrie Ann took a point off for the lift.

Marie returns for the farewell. She's looking much less pale now. My pick to go home this week remains Mark and Kym, but apparently, Mark Cuban has this huge fan base. I just think people will vote for Marie because she scared them with the fainting, and Helio had an off week. And what are the final scores?
Mel and Maks: 29
Sabrina and Mark: 28
Jane and Tony: 26
Cameron and Edyta: 26
Jennie and Derek: 25
Helio and Julianne: 23
Marie and Jonathan: 21
Mark and Kym: 21

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