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Season 5 Performance #5

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Season 5 Performance #5

Helio was thrilled with the triple 9 last week, but he'd like a 10. This week, he and Julianne will be dancing the rumba. Helio is too smiley, and Julianne advises him to find a macho character. She has to advise him on how to be aggressive. So they go out for a drive in a sports car that I probably should know the name of, but don't. And then they dance on the beach at sunset. I don't know. They start their dance, and for all Julianne nagged Helio to be serious and macho, she's very smiley. Their moves are very sharp and dramatic, and as usual, I like Julianne's choreography. Does Florence Henderson have a day job? She's at like every taping of this show.

Carrie Ann thought Helio was so focused that he lost sight of their normal chemistry. Bruno gets snippy with the audience. Len compares their dance to a trip to the dentist, because it was too mechanical. The audience is PISSED. Bruno agrees with Len, and thought Helio looked pained instead of sexy. Bruno stands up and starts demonstrating how to entice and love your partner. Tom tells him he's scaring the children. Heh. Backstage, Helio says he thought he had the passion, but it was a challenge for him to not smile during the dance. See, I think it was partly Julianne's fault too. Scores? Carrie Ann 8, Len 7, and Bruno 8.

Mel ended up in bottom two last week, despite her respectable scores from the judges. Mel explains that she was devastated, and they had an emergency rehearsal right after the show. Mel has a coughing fit and has to leave. Maks and Mel get in a fight and Maks storms out. The couple flies to London so Mel can shoot a Spice Girls video. They rehearse in the hallways of the set. Baby, Posh, and Ginger Spice urge us to vote for Mel. Where's Sporty? Let's see if the travel and illness hurt them. They dance to a Latinized version of "Spice Up Your Life," and I wondered when this was going to happen. The moves and footwork are excellent, and they execute this one move where Mel goes down in a split, and then puts her arms around Maks's neck and he pulls her up slowly. And you can never say that Maks lacks in the hip action.

Len thought it was fantastic, and Bruno thought it was the best samba of the night. Carrie Ann thought it was Mel's best dance of the season. Maks mumbles to Tom that it's all the antibiotics they're on. That was really amazing, considering they both have colds. Mel thinks Maks is a great teacher. Samantha asks what happened when Maks met the Spice Girls. Mel says they loved him, and Maks says he's never met such a close group of friends. Scores: Carrie Ann 10, Len 9, and Bruno 10. Mel and Maks are thrilled. Samantha reminds us that they were bottom two last week, so they need the votes.

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